An Inkwell Prompt: Emeka Turns Ten


“Ouuuu Mummy I want Caprisuns too!!”. Emeka said jumping around the whole living room.

“Okay what else?”. Nkechi his mum asked.

“Now before we continue, don’t you think it’s better to have an estimate of everyone coming for your party. Right Emeka?”. Nonso his dad asked as well.

“Well honey I’ve spoken to most of the parents of his classmates. Some already agreed while the rest said they’d check their schedule and get back to me tonight”. Nkechi said to her husband while he nodded in agreement.

“Yay so can I go back to listing the things I want for my birthday?”. Emeka said enthusiastically.

“Yes you can”. His dad replied while Nkechi found her pen to continue writing the things her son was calling out.

“I want a little race car and lots of sweets and candy and and and marshmallows and chocolate cookies and....” The soon to be ten year old kept calling things off the top of this head.

“Okay enough of candy and party favors. What about food? What would you want me to cook?”. Nkechi asked.

“Jollof Rice!”

“Jollof Rice!”

“Jollof Rice!”

Emeka, Nonso and Kachi who is Emeka’s younger sister shouted in unison giving Nkechi a stunned expression on her face.

“First of all Kachi where are you coming from and what did you hear that made you shout Jollof Rice. Nonso my dear husband this party isn’t for you o”. Nkechi said while laughing.

“You know your Jollof rice is the bomb. I don’t know how you do it but it always has that “Party rice/ Party Jollof” taste”. Nonso said.

“Yes mummy your Jollof rice is always very delicious. Remember you said you’ll teach me the recipe when I’m old enough to cook”. Kachi added.

“Yes baby girl I will. So Jollof rice it is”. Nkechi announced.

Nkechi’s Jollof rice was just as delicious as Kachi and Nonso described. She had always took her time preparing it very well. And for the finishing touch she always put aluminum foil over the pot before placing the lid. This was to preserve the steam and avoiding adding excess water which would preserve the already added spices while she cooked on low heat. Her husband would often tease her whenever she was making it by saying “Nkechi and her award winning Jollof Rice!”.

Emeka’s Birthday

Everything had gone according to plan. The decorations, balloons, streamers e.t.c were up already. All the party favors had been packed for each kid, the race car shaped birthday cake had arrived, the drinks were already in the fridge cooling, the chairs were set, candy, chocolate, popcorn, chips, small chops and snacks had been displayed for the kids since they would begin the celebration by watching a new movie.

The kids had started arriving one after the other. Some parents dropped them off and left immediately while other mums stayed around to lend Nkechi a hand. Meanwhile, Nonso was still at work and would be back later in the day.

Nkechi had just finished grilling the chicken and turkey, she carefully placed them somewhere and placed the bowl of salad in the fridge to get cold. Now she was done, she finally decided to check her Jollof rice on fire. She immediately takes the lid off and removes the foil beneath it. The aroma immediately fills the room.

“Mmmhmmm Nkechi this smells delicious”. Susan who was one of the mums said.

“Yes Nkechi we definitely have to have a taste!”. Miriam who was another mum called out.

Nkechi quickly got three plates and dished out a little rice for each of them to have a taste while she placed a piece of chicken by the side.

Immediately she tasted it she knew she had killed the ‘spicy party jollof rice’ she aimed for. This food was to die for.

“Spicy Jollof at its best”. Miriam said while eating with a smile.

“You definitely have to teach us how you do this”. Susan added.

At this point Nkechi knew this party was going to be lit and it was!

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