The Ink Well Fiction Prompt #8: Echoes

“over it to the days beyond when we’ll walk these streets once again and rejoice in the simple act.”

“No one at that cafe!” she said.

“Closed for business” he said.

Vibrant streets now seemed dull. Unthinkable just a couple of months before. Apocalyptic trumpets blaring. All humans gone. At least those who could not or would not transfer to enhanced bodies.

There was still beauty if you looked for it. Silent and fierce. Spring was finally here!

Image source: @litguru.

“Ice cream!” she cried out, pointing at the gelatto shop. “How I wish I could have some.”

“Mmm, lick, lick.”

The waves splashed against the jagged diamond crystals sizzling in the ocean. Their steam rising and creating a permanent fog around the bay. They came from outer space and brought us a little gift then-

A new beginning. A new scene. Another movie reel that begs the question, who you gonna be this time around? What’s your motivation?

A group of men recovered the carcass of a seaplane on the beach. Nothing worked anymore.

Tried downstairs, but the staircase led nowhere. Back up to the platform overlooking the ocean.

“Low batteries,” he said checking the display on his skin.

She leaned over the railing and looked at the water. “Mine too. It’s getting cold. Batteries don’t work so well in the cold and drain fast. We need an upgrade.”

“Let’s go home.”

The wind swept streets blew gusts into her hair.

“What will become of us?” she said. “We can’t go on like this much longer.”

“Keep at it and live to see another day.”

“Until when?”

“All the way to tomorrow and”

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