Surprise party gone wrong.

Eunice was surprised about how empty the Island was, She looked back to see if anyone was coming behind her but there was no one. It was a small Island, barely 20 people were living there and the majority of them were farmers including her parents.

"Did rapture happen?" The seventeen years old Eunice questioned herself as she looked at the sky.

"Or did something terrible happen? My parents were supposed to receive me at the airport in the city but none of them showed up," she spoke to herself as she looked left and right hoping to see someone but there was no one.

She continued walking slowly towards the house and different thoughts kept coming to her head.

A dog barked aggressively from a distance and her heart nearly jumped out of her body. It frightened her more and doubled her fear about something terrible that could have happened to her parents and other villagers.


Eunice reached for her phone to call her parents again, it rang several times but no one picked up. She thought of going back to seek help from the city but the boat that brought her must have left so there was nothing she could do.

She dragged herself through a path and she could see her parents house from a distance. It was unusual to see the place quiet so she approached the house with caution in case she needed to run for her dear life.

"Mom, Dad I hope you are okay" she whispered as she got closer to the house.

"Mummy! Daddy! Eunice screamed Immediately she arrived home but no one answered. She checked around their compound, and she checked their farm which was a few minutes trek from home but she didn't find them or anyone.

She brought out her phone again to call but no one picked up so she went back home.

Immediately she stepped at the entrance, she noticed the door that was locked earlier had been open. She tip-toed to see what was happening inside and there was a loud bang from inside the house.

It sounded like a drum but Eunice didn't wait to see what it was before she took to her heels.

"She is running away," a young boy screamed and Eunice was terrified.

Stop! Come back! Different voices started calling her back but she didn't answer. She ran as fast as she could until she saw somewhere safe to hide.

Eunice hid herself and continued praying. Her phone rang and while trying to silence it, she turned it off.

While hiding, she could hear footsteps and voices talking about her.

"I am in great danger, they could be kidnappers or assassins." She whispered and wouldn't stop sobbing.

Darkness was gradually falling on the face of the earth so she turned on her phone again intending to seek help.

Immediately after the phone booted, she received a message.

"My daughter, please come back. It was your father's idea that the whole village plan a welcome party but it seems our approach was bad." She read quietly.

"Could these evildoers be trying to lure me out?" She whispered.

She wasn't sure so she tried her mother's number and it rang.

"Are you alright daughter? Where are you?" Mother asked immediately she picked up and it was then Eunice felt relieved.

Eunice came out of her hiding and dragged herself home because she was exhausted. She met the villagers at home all waiting for her.

They apologized to her, sang and congratulated her for her success in completing her studies abroad. She felt really happy but taking out the fright wasn't easy.

Her parents apologized further after everyone had left, and she felt happy nothing evil happened to them.

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