Ebenezer became curious immediately when he stepped into the mechanic workshop and saw people gathered around the vehicle he was working on the previous day. It was unusual to see mechanics gather if something terrible didn't happen but Ebenezer could guess what happened.

He walked gently in the direction of the vehicle and his curiosity doubled when he saw two military men in uniform having a conversation with the head of the mechanic yard.

"That's him," One of the mechanics pointed in Ebenezer's direction.

"If you run, you are a dead meat. You this ungrateful boy," Mr Kasali the head of the workshop screamed and approached Ebenezer with the soldiers.

"He is yours," Mr Kasali said to the soldiers immediately after they got to the spot where Ebenezer was standing.

He was confused and just watched Mr Kasali but he knew for soldiers to be involved, it must be something terrible.

"Are you the person working on that Range Rover sport?" One of the soldiers asked.

"Yes sir, I am the one handling the fault and it will be ready in less than three hours," Ebenezer stammered.

"Okay, that's good. My boss sent us to check your progress with the vehicle and we noticed some parts were missing. Did you keep them?" The other soldier asked.

"Keep what? I left the vehicle intact last night," Ebenezer replied and rushed through the people gathered around the car to see what was missing.

Ebenezer was shocked to see the lights gone and the fender was missing as well.

"The vehicle was intact when I left last night. Please, I didn't steal them," Ebenezer stammered as he spoke to the soldiers.

"Who stole them if you are not the one, this isn't the first time but it would be your last," Mr Kasali cuts in.

"Boss, please trust me. I can't do such a thing," Ebenezer replied. After some minutes of interrogation, the soldiers took Ebenezer away and even threatened to send him to jail if he didn't tell where he kept the missing vehicle parts or who he sold them to.

"Please, I did not do it. I swear with my life," Ebenezer apologised as they took him out of the compound and the other mechanics could only watch.

"I know he has accomplices among you and when he confesses, the soldiers will be back for all of you. Now get to work," Mr Kasali said to the other mechanics.

Ebenezer is in his twenties and he started learning to be a mechanic at the age of nine. His parents couldn't afford to educate him and little Ebenezer did what he was passionate about.

He was the best among his mates and even when he started practising, only a few mechanics in the city could work very well like Ebenezer. Getting a space of his own was what led Ebenezer to Mr Kasali's workshop, he aimed to work there and save money for his space.

The soldiers arrived at the barracks and Ebenezer was given some tough punishment just to make him confess but he kept repeating the same thing.


"Help yourself so that we can help you or are you happy with this suffering?" Officer Wale asked Ebenezer and he told the soldier that he knew nothing about it.

"So how did the vehicle parts get missing? Those parts cost over three thousand dollars and my boss wouldn't take it lightly with you," Officer Wale replied.

"I have never taken what doesn't belong to me, please help me, sir. My parents must be very worried about me, kindly help me reach out to them," Ebenezer begged Officer Wale who felt pity for the young boy but there was nothing he could do about the issue.

Officer Wale reached out to Ebenezer's parents and they were heartbroken. They confidently said that their son doesn't steal and wouldn't take what doesn't belong to him.

Ebenezer's parents also begged Officer Wale to help them and he took it upon himself to investigate the issue.

Officer Wale went to the workshop to ask questions but he didn't get any tangible information as all fingers pointed at Ebenezer.

He resumed at the barracks the next day and tried convincing Ebenezer to open up if there was anything he knew about the missing item but Ebenezer insisted that he knew nothing about it.

"At this junction, you might have to face the wrath of the law," Officer Wale said to Ebenezer who broke down into tears.

"Thank you, sir. This must be my destiny because I didn't steal those parts and it is sad that things turned out like this after everything I have been through," Ebenezer replied before he was locked up again.

Officer Wale was troubled after everything the boy said and he decided to try more for Ebenezer. That night, he parked his car outside the workshop and stayed up observing the place.

No one came around and at midnight, Officer Wale spotted a drone moving around the street. He watched for a while and stopped because it had no connection with his mission there.

Officer Wale left at dawn and returned later that night but he saw nothing suspicious. He was about to leave that midnight when he noticed the drone again.

He noticed it on the third night and decided to find the operator in the morning. Officer Wale asked around in the neighbourhood and he was directed to Raymond's house.

He arrived at Raymond's residence and knocked on his door. They exchanged pleasantries and Raymond invited him in being a uniformed man.

"I was told you operate a drone that moves around at night," Officer Wale asked.

"Yes, it belongs to me. I am working on using drones to combat crime and things are moving gradually," Raymond replied.

"That's impressive and I have a case that might be the breakthrough you need for your project," Officer Wale replied.

"What's that sir," Raymond asked.

"There is a Mechanic workshop nearby where a crime happened between 11 pm on Friday and Saturday morning and your project could save a boy who claimed to be innocent," Officer Wale replied.

"Wow, I still have the drone video for that night. We can go through it together," Raymond replied and brought his PC immediately.

They checked and found someone in the workshop around 2 am. Raymond captured the person but they couldn't figure out who it was.

"I will take this to the barracks. hopefully, the tech team can do something about it," Officer Wale said to Raymond and left his residence.

He left with the image and they were able to figure out the person who turned out to be Mr Kasali.

Officer Wale shared the information with his boss and Mr Kasali was arrested. Immediately he saw the video, he pleaded and promised to return the missing part while Ebenezer was released.

Ebenezer was compensated while Mr Kasli was charged to court after returning the missing part of the vehicle.

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