Nothing lasts forever | The Ink Well Prompt #79

There was a period when... One parrot and her two young are jungle dwellers. His days were passing peacefully.

As he made his way through the woods one day, a hunter spotted a rare sight: a lovely baby parrot and its mother. When he saw this parrot, he knew he had to deliver it to the monarch. He captured the birds and delivered them to the monarch.

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The king was so pleased with his parrots that he rewarded the hunter with a hundred gold coins.

Once parrots were introduced to the palace, they immediately became the focus of everyone's attention. The golden enclosure was his prison. His servants were always on the go, trying to catch up to him. We gave them a diet of fresh fruits of every variety.

The monarch had a deep affection for him. The prince also frequently visited to engage in playful interaction with him both before and after work. The two parrots were overjoyed to be living in such a wonderful environment.

Younger parrot said to older parrot,

"Brother, how blessed are we to be brought to this castle and live such a wonderful life. How much support we have from everyone here. Exactly how concerned about us does he feel?

Here, we have everything we need with zero hassle, so yes, brother. The quality of our lives has improved greatly. The best thing about this place is that everyone loves us.

And the parrot was reveling in the palace's jubilant atmosphere. But then one day it all shifted. Returning to the king's court was the hunter who had given him parrots as a gift. The king received a black monkey as a present this time.

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As of at this moment, the black monkey was the most talked-about subject in the entire castle. The helpers immediately began to take care of him. His drinks and meals were prepared with extra care. Eventually, no one bothered to look at the parrots anymore. The prince, once a fan of parrots, has recently taken a shine to monkeys.

The small parrot was devastated to see this. To the oversized parrot he remarked,

Our joy has been snatched away by this black monkey, brother. As a result, nobody cares about us anymore. I can't take this any longer; if I get the chance, I'll just go ahead and sink myself in the palace pond.

Big Parrot Caught Saying,

"Brother, nothing lasts forever. Change is possible at any time.

After a few days, the situation had stabilized. A monkey's antics were rather amusing. The palace was rocked by his antics one day. The maids and butlers were the targets of constant harassment. Even the prince was shaken by his behavior.

The king learned about the monkey's misdeeds and banished him from the forest. The monkey was released into the wild per instructions.

Thereafter, parrots once more became the palace's most prized possession. The bird was overjoyed at this new development.

"Our days are back again, brother,"

he proclaimed to the large parrot.

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Big Parrot Caught Saying,

Keep in mind my sibling. Changes in time are constant. One should not be sorry, then, when time does not support. It's inevitable that, if there are difficult times, there must also be good times.

The baby parrot got the large parrot's message, so he resolved to be patient even when things looked bad.

In this world, nothing lasts forever. Everything evolves throughout time. In other words, try to maintain your composure when things go rough.

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