A Perfect Decision | The Ink Well Prompt #56

Abida's poverty was causing her great distress. She used to run the house solely on her husband Zainul's earnings. Zainul used to be a seamster. His eyesight had deteriorated to the point where he could barely walk home for the second few days. For years, his eyes had been going bad day by day.

The dimming light and waning intensity of Zainul's eyes worried Abida greatly.

Abida was the mother of two children. Both of them were in school. Due to the terrible state of the house, Abida was unable to adequately educate both of her children.


Abida reasoned that if Zainul's eyes were operated on, his vision would improve and he would be able to work more, but there was no money for this. An eye procedure will cost at least 50,000 Dollers.

Abida used to inquire for job from her next-door neighbor Zainab, but she never received any.

Zainab, the neighbor, told Abida about the process of being a surrogate mother one day. In fact, Zainab's acquaintance earned 2 lakh Dollers by acting as a surrogate mother. He told her that in this procedure, you must rent your womb. A foreign man's child must be reared in her womb.

This conversation with Zainab, Abida's most friendly next-door neighbor, had an impact on her. She, too, had made the decision to be a surrogate mother.

Zainul's health began to deteriorate at this point. Zainab, persuaded abida to become a surrogate mother.

"I won't be able to acquire approval for this," Abida said.

Zainab advised that her husband must inquire in detail.

Abida informed her husband about her plans to become a surrogate mother. He became enraged when he heard this, saying, "There is no need to do all of this." Anyway, I'll drive you back to your house.

"However, what's the harm in that?" Zainab's buddy is similarly content with her role as a surrogate mother. Your eyes will be operated and your children's education will be fully completed with this money. To become a surrogate mother, one no longer needs to sleep with anyone. While persuading her husband Zainul, Abida said, "All these physicians do it."

"What will the neighbors say, relatives?" "Everyone will mock you and spit on me," Zainul predicted.

"No, there's nothing wrong with anything. It's also not horrible. How many women nowadays make their living as surrogate mothers?"

"As soon as this work is completed, it will be kept a secret. What could anyone possibly know? Doctors receive a lot of money to perform this. Plenty of money also taken by brokers."

"The most important thing is that, because of me, a couple will experience the joy of having a child."

Abida kept on persues Zainul for a long time.

Zainul ultimately gave approval after observing Abida's understanding and the domestic situation.


Abida gave birth to a baby boy within a year, but he died in the hospital. She repeated the process again with a smile on her face. She had no idea who the child was or where it was.

Abida was able to correct her husband's vision by becoming a surrogate mother, and she was able to enroll her children in a good school. Her household finances were likewise in good shape.

"Have some, sweeten your mouth," Abida offered sweets to Zainul after a few days of rest and rehabilitation.

"Why?" Zainul inquired.

"This time I'm not going to be the mother of someone else's child; I'm going to be the mother of yours."

This time, Zainul's excitement was magnified on his face.

The End

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