The Inkwell Prompt #37: The Last Halloween Trip


“The light from the jack-o-lantern will lead the way” the old lady said in a creepy voice while I walked away.

After leaving her, I began walking and I had walked for miles and miles in the forest and all I had to lead the way was just a flickering light from the Jack-o-lantern, I was tired and almost giving up but I began thinking about how I got here.

For months, I and my friends planned for this trip, and usually we would spend our Halloween going to houses goofing around and asking "trick or treat" but since it was the last time we were going to be in the same place, we wanted to end it with a bang.

We had met years back on the day of Halloween and it made us have a special attachment to that day so every plan we made for our last trip revolved around it.

We had each chosen a place that represented Halloween to us and the plan was to write it all down and pick from it but things changed when one of my friends came rushing in.

“Stop what you are all doing, I have a perfect spot for us to go,” she said.

We all stopped writing and looked up to her and she explained that she was at the mall when she heard some people talking about a town not far away from where we stayed, the town was known for mystery and Halloween and she believed that it was going to be better than any of our picks.

After much persuasion, we decided to go with her idea and made plans to go where she had said, we had booked our hotel and packed our bags anticipating in advance what was yet to come.

We decided to leave for the town on the day of Halloween at about noon because we wanted to get there a bit late and on getting into the car, I felt chills immediately but shook it off.

We had driven for about 3 hours before spotting a gas station and we decided to stop and get supplies, we got all we needed and went to the counter loudly speaking about where we were heading and how exciting the night was going to be and we were still chattering when we heard a voice.

“You all look like nice young ladies so I would advise that you do not go into town,” the voice said

My friends simply laughed it off feeling like the person was just trying to scare us in the spirit of Halloween but I felt a little shaken but didn’t speak up.

We left the gas station and got into our car and drove only a few minutes more before we had gotten into the town, we decided then to rest in our hotel before coming out at night to explore the town.

We had slept for a few hours before being awakened by a loud thump, we got up and peeped out and saw several people standing in the dark in front of our room with just a jack-o-lantern.

We didn’t understand what was happening but before we could think, we heard kicks at our door and it wasn’t long before it was broken down.

The three of us were dragged out of our room and immediately blindfolded and at that point, I could hear my friends crying.

We were carried for a while before arriving at a place that I presumed was the town square and the blindfolds were removed. A man began speaking and he said that we had to go through a Halloween challenge that they had for visitors each year and if we passed we could leave but if we didn’t then we had to stay forever in their town, we had no choice but to agree and the challenge began.

The first challenge involved answering a question and we were asked if we would save ourselves if given the opportunity or save the others and while two of us answered that we would save ourselves, my other friend answered that she would save us instead and at that moment she was taken away, apparently it was a test of truth and she had lied.

The next challenge was carving a jack-o-lantern and we were given pumpkins to carve, at that moment I knew my friend was going to fail because she was bad at carving and tears began falling from my eyes. At the end of the challenge, she had indeed failed and she was dragged away screaming.

The final challenge was proving to an old woman how pure at heart you were and I simply sat down and began crying out, I didn’t know what to do and I had lost my friends so I told her that I didn’t mind being taken as long as I would be with my friends but at that moment she handed me a jack-o-lantern and said: “The light from the jack-o-lantern will lead the way”.

I had muzzled up strength after resting while flashing back to what had happened and I stood up and began walking.

It didn’t take long before I got to the main road and hailed a car, all I wanted was to get to a police station and report what had happened but after getting to one and explaining what happened, they began laughing at me, the town never existed and they felt I was crazy.

I got home and began researching and I realized that multiple people had that same experience on Halloween day and after that night, the town would disappear till the next Halloween.

At that moment, I decided in my heart that I was going to prepare till the next year and save my friends.

The End

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