When Adrian married Adam, she felt like she had made the best decision in her life and she felt really proud of herself, in her opinion she hadn't only married a handsome man but he was the son of a governor which meant her future was covered but after just a few months of marriage, his true colors started showing and she began regretting her decision.

You see, Adam had certain habits that he didn’t disclose to her like smoking, drinking, and clubbing which he knew she wasn’t used to but no matter how much she complained nothing changed in their marriage and she was tagged as the nagging wife.

Adam would often spend long nights clubbing with his friends and even though he wanted to change sometimes because of his wife, he was comfortable in his lifestyle and he would often say to himself “Adrian can never leave me”.

One fateful night after clubbing, he came home to meet Adrian packing her clothes, and in confusion, he asked her;

“what are you doing”

“ I am going to my parent’s house for a few months because I am tired and I need to think” she replied

“well, you aren’t allowed to, I am your husband and this is your home,” he said firmly while taking off his shirt.

A few minutes after he said that he heard a sniffle and Adrian busted into tears which made him run to comfort her, he assured her that things were going to change in the new year as he had certain resolutions he planned on following and for her, that was enough reason to stay.

Months went by with Adrian looking forward to the new year, she would usually assure herself that her husband was trying and things would truly change when the clock struck 12 on the 1st of January and maybe things would truly change, or would they?.

On the 31st of December, she couldn’t keep calm because it was the deadline for all the bad things in her marriage and as they said “new year, new everything”, she spent hours cooking while waiting for her husband and before she could realize it the clock had struck 12 and while it was a new year, her husband was nowhere to be found as usual.

She packed the food she had cooked and put it in the freezer while getting ready for bed in tears, but before lying down on their bed, she check her phone and saw a text from Adam saying “I will be back late” which made her feel sad.

Adam staggered back at about 3 am and climbed into the bed while kissing her goodnight and while she was faking being asleep, she thought to herself “nothing is ever going to change”.



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