Finally, at last|| The inkwell prompt #51



“I don’t even know what he sees in her, she probably bewitched him or something”

“Mavis said she was a wild girl in school, maybe that is why she has no kids, she probably has no womb with all her promiscuity”

Anna stood silently in the toilet stall while hearing her husband’s cousins say all sorts of things about her, she was used to this treatment, and even though she would say it didn’t bother her, most days it did.

She waited till the ladies left the bathroom before stepping out to use the mirror, she looked at herself with her Auburn complexion and her beautiful blonde hair while trying to adjust the white gown her husband convinced her to wear because in his words “she looked like a Disney princess”.


At that point, she took a deep breath before deciding to go back to the party, it was her mother-in-law’s 60th, and even though she would rather be stuck at home covered under her sheets, she had no choice but to attend and survive through the event with all the murmuring and the stares.

She quickly pulled herself together and walked into the ballroom where the party was held and even though she had attended a lot of parties since marrying her husband, she always had goosebumps every time she attended one because of how much planning went into it.

Anna looked at the décor and couldn’t stop smiling at how much thought went into it, her mother-in-law's favorite flowers were lilies so there were lilies stuck to the wall of the ballroom so much so that you couldn’t see the walls, and the color scheme of the party was violet just like her mother-in-law’s favorite color.

She was still lost in admiration when she felt an arm behind her waist and a perk on her cheek and immediately she realized that her husband “Adam” had found her.

Looking at him, she couldn’t help but smile because he looked just as amazing as they first met and after being married for almost ten years she couldn’t believe that she still felt butterflies for him.

They had met when she was going through a rebel phase at 19 and instantly they fell in love against all odds and at 20, he proposed to her and decided to elope since he knew that his parents would be against their union.

After their wedding, they started trying for children and 10 years later, they still had none, due to these, his family never failed to make her feel less of a human no matter how much she tried.

The party went on for a long while and she kept on praying that she didn’t have to see her mother-in-law till it ended but she wasn’t in luck as she got a message asking for her presence in the family's study because her mother-in-law wanted to see her.

She walked in slowly and her mother-in-law “Abigail” began speaking in a tone that brought chills to Anna's body.

“Anna, I called you here to try to come to an agreement with you, you know that Adam is my only son and he needs an heir to continue our family lineage and clearly you can’t give him that so I'll be making it easier for the both of you by giving you 10 million dollars to leave my son”.

Anna couldn’t believe her ears but she immediately pulled herself together and said no to her mother-in-law while stepping out of the study, she walked to her husband and told him what had happened and requested to go home which he obliged.

While driving home, her husband tried to speak to her but she wasn’t in the mood, she spent the ride looking out of the window and praying for a miracle while they passed by a garden, and shortly something caught her eyes making her scream at her husband to stop the car.

She ran out of the car with her husband chasing after her and getting to what she had seen she realized that there were twin kids wrapped in a blanket with a note that read “they're here for a reason, please take care of them”.


At that moment she didn’t care where the children came from, if they were aliens or magical, because all she knew was that she had an instinctive feeling to protect them and she was going to spend the rest of her life doing just that.



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