The Ink Well Prompt #46/New year, new life, between the mundane and the divine

Happy New Year to all INKWELL staff and to my valued readers.

Today I give you this collage made by me to introduce you to my story....

I hope you like it.

To make the collage I used royalty free images:

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NEW YEAR, NEW LIFE.... is the achievement that, since the month of October, has been tinkling in Sophie's mind.......

Sophie Hepburn is a young writer who has always been attracted to the mystery of the distant past. She enjoys spending time with her husband, journalist Arthur Jones, who is an excellent photographer and passionate about the history of ancient civilizations. They both live in England and love to travel whenever they can.

Among the couple's friends is Maurice Kempt, an ethnologist at the British Museum. They will meet him next weekend to discuss the life of the Australian Aborigines.

Sophie plans to write a different kind of book. For this she has been researching how to use quantum physics in everyday life. It is something she has never tackled in any of her writings, but she wants to give a personal touch to her work. Her spirit for adventure will lead her to elucidate the connection between the ancient and the modern world.

The expected get-together with Mr. Maurice ...... They would meet at 5 o'clock at a popular and fashionable English pub, The Crocodile. Its owner Mr. Elton Henn was, in his younger days, a lover of the zafaris in Africa. In that continent he had the privilege of knowing the culture of the Masai, of which he spoke to those interested in the subject.

Sophie and Arthur arrive at the pub at the agreed time. They strategically position themselves in the pub, waiting for the owner to greet them.

-Good afternoon, welcome! - says Elton.

Sophie, all excited, answers quickly:

-Good afternoon!, we are waiting for Mr. Kempt.

Elton opened his big blue eyes wider than usual.

-It is an honor to have such an important person on my premises. I would like, if you don't mind, to meet him. He might find my experience useful. Also, if it is agreeable to you, I would like to propose a toast for such a pleasant meeting.-

Sophie visibly excited......, feels her heart beating in a hurry. Her calmer husband intervenes:

-I think it's perfect. I like the history of the people and, ...... it would be an honor to hear it from a person who lived through interesting experiences. Besides, my wife is about to start writing her next book. It would be fascinating for her to have that information. And of course, our friend Maurice would be delighted with this exchange of experiences.

At that moment Sophie notices Maurice entering the pub. She signals to him to get his bearings.

-Good afternoon, sorry for the sudden delay. It's just that, at the last minute, I thought I'd put together some photos to show you. So you have a clearer idea of what I am going to tell you,- Maurice says, smiling.

-Welcome to the Crocodile,- says Elton.

The couple tells him that Elton will be part of the reunion and, explains that he spent some time in Africa, a continent that always captivated Maurice.

Maurice, although he did not have much time, was delighted with such a pleasant surprise.

-Well, I know you are a very busy person, so I will be brief and concise with my story,- says Elton.

-I agree. Then I suggest you begin your anecdotes while we listen to you. Excuse me for not seeing your face but, as my time is worth gold..... I will order the photographs to expose my knowledge about the Australian Aborigines- - Maurice refers.

Elton began by relating that the Masai were the most warlike tribe in East Africa. They lived off their cattle. Their family organization was established through clans. Each clan had a village in the center of their lands. Although, some family groups had a second village. This was located near forests. This was so that the cattle would have pasture when they could not find grass in the plains.

-And what were these warriors like,- Arthur asked.

-They were organized with a martial character that, distinguished them from the other pastoral peoples of the region. The social prestige and political power belonged to the warriors of the tribe.

The young men were treated very harshly, thus developing courage and aggressiveness. These qualities were part of their training as warriors. Teenagers were recruited to begin their military training. They were warriors for 25 years and, at the age of 40, they retired and could get married,- Elton answered.

-What about the women,- says Sophie.

-The opposite happened to them, they were very spoiled and only thought about being attractive to look for a husband. When they were married, they dedicated themselves to taking care of their children. When they were older and couldn't have children, they did all the manual labor, including building houses.

-I've spoken enough, now I'll give the floor to Mr. Maurice.-

-Yes, thank you very much. I've finished arranging the photos," he replies.

Maurice begins a short story by saying:

-The Australian Aborigines had a wandering life. In their constant walking they did not follow a fixed path. They relied on their fabulous memory that recorded geographical details.... They were essentially hunters. They had some myths.... whenever someone died there were great cries and groans. They understood that the spirits of their ancestors created everything and, that these were introduced in the depths, of the earth, when they finished their journey.

Near each of these places they had hiding places where they kept round stones or pieces of wood with magical qualities. The knowledge of the ancestors, myths and magic was known only to the elders......

We can see in this photo an interesting rock art. In this other one we observe what seems to be a cataclysm and, in these others, where they seem to make rituals that affect their community and their environment.-

-Interesting, very suggestive -..... These drawings seem to radiate a connection to produce or repeat events.....- Arthur intervenes.

-What do you think, Sophie?

Sophie seems to be transported to that time.... living those events.....
Sophie reacts and comments:

-The creative expression of the drawings together with the rituals, which they performed, I think they made manifest what would happen to them.-

It seemed to Sophie that these drawings were used to transfer energy and create events, aided by a ritual.

All agreed on Sophie's appreciation of the drawings and that the meeting was interesting. At that point they said goodbye ..... until the next meeting .....

The couple left walking and talking about their future plans. Arthur decided to do some more research for an article on ancient civilizations. Sophie had everything she needed for her book.
Time went on......Sophie kept writing:

..........There are no formulas, it all depends on each one, on the right contact with the creative higher wisdom. Aboriginal people know the meaning....change your drawing, change your life.

Now I will ask you, my friend reader, to draw a battle, with the problem you have and, in that battle, express the desired result. Your attitude is the key.....
Sophie did not realize that her book bridged the gap between the mundane and the divine with transcendental experiences...a dialogue between the human mind and a higher mind....
a very special journey: where your thoughts and feelings are, there you are.

New year, new life, between the mundane and the divine by María del Carmen Sánchez Copyright © 2022

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