The Ink Well Prompt #17: Action, Dialog and Narrative/ SAN MARTIN'S NOVEL

This week we had a new challenge: To develop the action, dialogue and narrative with a photo proposed by Inkwell.

Unfortunately due to technical problems I didn't use that photo. Instead I made a collage of photos. This is the one I show and from there I made my story.

I apologize for that.

Below I explain my collage:

Inkwell Collage Nove corre.jpg

I performed the following procedure:

I downloaded the image given by @shaka for this week from Imgur.( (@shaka/lets-make-a-collage-a-contest-for-all-creatives-on-hive-round-82-141-hive-in-the-prize-pool)

I selected the copyright free images

Here are the sources of the images used:

fallen boat

fishing boat




Seated man

Man wagon




With all that I made my collage, which is what I show and from there I developed my story, which I titled: SAN MARTIN'S NOVEL

The coastal community of San Martín has always lived off fishing, but for the last three months the residents have been worried. They cannot find fish in the sea. In addition, some fishermen have been shipwrecked and died in the accident, which occurred a week ago, finding their boat on the shore of the beach.

For this reason, the fishermen's corporation of St. Martin called a meeting on Saturday night at the association's headquarters. All interested members and their families would attend the meeting. In addition, people with "special" qualities would be invited, as well as the famous writer Mathilde Lincoln. Mrs. Lincoln had already started her novel inspired by this community and their activities.

The long awaited day arrived. All the attendees, including people with special endowments, were already gathered at the association's headquarters. The president of the association, Mr. Albert Hartmann, says:

-Good evening to all present. The purpose of the meeting is to analyze what is happening and to propose actions. So I think that we should have an order of speech, for all those who want to intervene in the debate. Raise your hand if you agree.-

All, in unison, raised their hands. Mrs. Jeannie, Mr. Hartmann's wife, would help as secretary. She would record in the meeting notebook all the points made by the assembled. Meanwhile Albert would direct the order of speaking.

David Gross, the oldest fisherman in the village, raised his hand and Albert gave him the chance to speak.

-From my experience I can attest that this is the second time this has happened in this place. Besides, I always heard from my ancestors that this area is famous for the special taste of its fish. That's why they were always sold a little more expensive.-

Boom, there is an unexpected sound that abruptly interrupts the conversation......
-Someone fell out of the chair. Help him,- shouts Mrs. Hartmann.

Oh! You realize it's Jimmie, the Gross family's teenage grandson. He fell asleep without realizing it. They assume he stayed up all night studying for an exam. And because he didn't want to miss such an important assembly, he attended without getting enough rest. ......

-Thank God nothing happened to him. If he had been near the window, he would have broken his head. Well, let's go on - says Mrs. Diane Gross after helping her grandson.

Mr. Gross continues speaking:

  • I think the problem is climatic. The water temperature has changed and that can affect the fish.-

Mr. Anthony Filmore intervenes to remind them, as well as Mr. Gross, that this happened, precisely at the same time, many years ago, according to what he heard from his father. That they were static for 4 months, without fishing, and then the fish appeared again. They never knew the reason for their disappearance, until now when the phenomenon appeared again. He suggested that they should not waste time in understanding the reason for what was happening. He called for reflection so that rather, they would go on to record the actions to be taken, while the problem is being solved.

And he asked:
-What do you think, do we start taking action, do you agree?-

All the participants agreed with what Mr. Filmore said. They nodded with the customary sign, raised their hands with the cardboard figures with fish motifs. These were made by their children and grandchildren at school when they took the subject "Creativity".

Mrs. Hartmann interrupts and points out: -Wait, remember that I also have to write down the actions to be taken.-

So they listed the strategies to be followed to carry out the actions. These included contacting the press and radio stations, both local and national, to publicize the problem. Also, to involve specialists and researchers to investigate the phenomenon.

But the most novel proposal was that the people present, with "special qualities", would intervene with their spiritual endowments to help reverse the problem. They referred to Mathias Ford, the "peculiar and excentric" healer of the town, to the very beloved Mrs. Angela Brown who is considered the official magician of the town and to the yogi Mr. Mikel Bernau, who, although young, has already lived in San Martin for some years and has won the affection of its inhabitants.

These last three would meet on Sunday, on the shore of the beach, to perform a ceremony where love would be generated and mantras would be said for the fish and for the entire town of San Martin and its inhabitants. This with the objective of reestablishing the desired balance for all.

When he had finished writing down everything in the notebook, Mrs. Lincoln asked to speak; Mr. Hartmann, surprised, kindly granted it.

-I would like to be present at the ceremony tomorrow,- she says enthusiastically.

-That's fine, you can come with us. But we remind you that you can only take pictures, you cannot intervene in the ritual we are going to perform,-
Mikel, Angela and Mathias answer almost at the same time.

-Agreed,- nods the writer.

The four people would leave at dawn, walking towards the beach, chanting special songs. They arrived at the beach at dawn.

All at the same time, but each one separately, they would use their special powers. Thus, Mathias would concentrate on blessing the fish and seeing the abundance of fish, Angela would make an invocation exclusively to God and the angels to attract and keep more fish to the area and, Mikel would use his knowledge to recite the mantras invoking abundance for the whole village.

Meanwhile, Mathilde watched attentively but....... She decided, on a hunch, to capture in a photo the magic of what was happening.

Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Surprise when Mathilde sees the photo she exclaims, very excited, to herself:

-I was right to follow my intuition. Here we can see a small boat catching fish in the distance, seagulls flying across the sky and a spectacular rainbow that gives a special air of beauty and generosity to the atmosphere. All the ceremonies in unison are making what the people were asking for a reality. ......
Dignified and spectacular for the end of my novel....... and he stealthily leaves the beach leaving those "special beings" to continue with such a fabulous work.-

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