The Inkwell Prompt #52: The Artist


Johnson, artists are not as rich as engineers, lawyers, and doctors. Why do you want to waste your life drawing? don't you want to make it big in life? Mrs. Walter shouted to her son who was drawing a portrait of the newly elected Mayor.

Johnson: Mum, drawing is what I love doing. The pencil has been my best friend which has brought my imagination and creativity into reality. All I need from you, mum, is your support. I do not have a passion for any other hobby or occupation. This is what I love doing and I promise you that I will make you proud soon.

Mrs. Walker: I have said my mind. As you make your bed, you will lie on it. She walked out of Johnson's room angrily.

Mrs. Walter is among those who believe so much in white-collar jobs. She was a dropout and had to work hard just to take care of the three children her husband left her with when he died. Her preference for a white-collar job for her children is so that they won't have to struggle in life like her. Her other two children are still very tender. To her, Johnson needs to go to school and become either a doctor or an engineer so that he can start contributing to the family. The idea of Johnson going to art school was not acceptable to her because she believes that artists do not make money well, and most times when no one hires them, there won't be any source of income for them.

Johnson on his part believes that he can make it big through artwork. He wants to introduce a type of artwork where he will tell stories through drawings alone. He has already started creating the story about the origin of the town with his drawing. Nature blessed his vision on the day he went to a nearby waterfall to enjoy the bliss of nature. He heard gunshots which prompted him to hide for safety. Soon, he saw the Mayor of the town running in his direction with some of his guards. It appears that they have been ambushed by assassins. Seeing what was happening, he signaled the Mayor to come in his direction. He led the Mayor through the cave while the guards stayed behind to buy them time to escape.

With his help, they were able to escape to the other side of the road through the cave. By the time they got out of the cave, the assassins had retreated. He took the Mayor to his house which is nearby for safety pending when the rescue team can be contacted. It was there that fate marketed his artworks for him. The Mayor fell in love with what he saw in his room. He loves the portrait of himself hanging on the wall, but just as he was about to compliment him and perhaps ask a few questions, he fell and fainted. The Mayor was bitten by a poisonous snake earlier without his knowledge and Johnson who saw the snake thought that the snake didn't bite the Mayor. It was when the Mayor fell that his mind flashed back to the snake they saw in the cave. Looking at the Mayor's left hand, he saw that the Mayor had been bitten.

The Mayor had earlier contacted the presidential house, so it was easier for him to be located. They took him to the hospital together with Johnson. The snake experts were invited but seeing the snake bite, they demanded for any eye witness who can describe the type of snake that bit the Mayor as the bite interprets a need for a special type of antidote. If they should use the wrong antidote, it will kill the Mayor. Johnson requested a pencil and paper and he drew the snake he saw in the cave. With his drawing, the doctors were able to formulate the right antidote and save the Mayor.

A few hours later, the Mayor regained consciousness and asked his guards who were in the room with him, " Where is THE ARTIST?.

Johnson was brought to him. The Mayor thanked him for saving his life, he asked him to bring the portrait of him he made to his house in three days. Johnson's story changed. He was given $500,000 by the Mayor and his album which tells the story of the origin of the town through drawing was auctioned, He made $10,000,000 from it. He then set up an artist workshop with some of the money, opened a boutique for the mother, and created other sources of income for him. Writers from over the world started coming to his workshop to have their stories represented in drawings.

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