When The Sky Meet The Sea | original short story by @joreneagustin


It was summer when Sky’s schoolmate decided to have their reunion. Sky joined her batchmates at the beach of Aurora, at Dinadiawan Beach. She never liked the venue. But someone caught her attention…

It was a tall man with his tanned skin. He's getting down on his small boat with his fishing rod in his left hand. He slowly placed the rod to catch some fish.

Sky wondered who that man was, she got interested and she adored the man’s effort in catching some fish.

Is he going to sell it or he’s just catching some food for their dishes?

From that day, she collected some information about that man. And she found out that he’s feeding his family with his own effort. His father is bedridden, his mother is a house wife and he has two younger siblings to send to school.

“Hi! Can I sit here?” Sky travelled alone from Manila to Aurora just to meet this fisherman.

They're now sitting under the sun.

“Sure.” the fishermen replied “Are you a tourist?” Sky smiled when she was asked by the fishermen.

“Hmm quite, but I'm here to see someone.” she said smiling and the fisherman nodded.

“Okay, then how can I help you?”

“Nothing, I just found him and I'm here because I love the view here.” Sky can't help but smile. She's happy having a conversation with this fisherman. “By the way, I'm Aiseky Arabbel Vicente.” She offered her hand to shake hands but the man was just standing there with wide open eyes.

“Now I know why you look familiar. You're the daughter of the former president.” The fisherman smiled and shook Sky’s hand “I’m Reyden Escobar, my pleasure to meet you.” he smiled after they shook hands.

That was their first conversation. And Sky didn’t forget any single thing about that.

Aiseky Arabbel is the one and only daughter of the former Filipino President Vincenzo Vicente. Their family has their power, wealth and good publicity. You can't see any stain in their name because the Vicente Family are standing with their good names in public.

Vincenzo named her daughter Aiseky Arrabel because she is a princess, and a powerful girl with Vicente's name. The princess in Vicente's Castle, their one and only SKY.

“This is quite amazing, a breathtaking vacation. I may love it here mom, dad.” Sky uttered while she's walking along the sea.

Vincenzo's family have their vacation for one week at Dinadiawan Beach at Aurora, Province. She never liked beaches as others love it. She loves the city, city lights and partying at the club. She’s not into nature but this vacation seems like convincing her to start loving nature.

“Yes honey, it's amazing, it will be more amazing since you’ll be meeting someone special later.” her mom said while caressing her hair.

When they went to a fancy restaurant near the sea, Sky’s eyes widened and became irritated as she saw the man she must marry. Her fiance, Aladin Cruz. She never loved Aladin. Even if she has anything she needs, she never gets what she truly loves.

She loves freedom. A freedom to choose someone to marry.

Sky didn’t wait until they sat in front of Aladin and his family. She walked out and went to the place he knew where Reyden is.

She never failed since she saw Reyden transferring the fishes inside the basket.

With a smile on her face she greeted “Hi! You caught more fish today, huh.”

“Uh. It's you again. Yeah I did, I need to sell them since I need money. Haha.” he laughed while looking at his fishes.

Reyden, the fisherman, didn't know that Sky did her research about his family.

“You’re hardworking huh. I didn’t know that there’s a handsome fisherman here.” Sky and Reyden both laughed.

“You must be kidding me, Princess.'' The way Reyden called her Princess for the first time, made her heart beat faster. She was called Princess for how many times but only Reyden’s calling can have that effect on her.

“I- I'm not!” she's blushing already. Reyden keeps on laughing.

“Okay, you say so, your compliment will add to my self-esteem. Haha.”

On that day forward, they became friends and they talked to each other oftenly. Sky stayed at the hotel near the beach just to see Reyden.

Sky got to know more about Reyden. And she’s happy with him.

Reyden felt the same. But Reyden only thinks of her as his little sister or a friend.

“How long will you be staying here?” Reyden asked Sky.

“Hmm. One more week, I guess. ”

“What took you so long to stay here? Does your dad know you're here?”

Sky didn’t answer him because she lied to her father. She didn’t tell them about her single trip in Aurora.

“You must tell your father that you're staying here, little Princess.” She pouted when she was called little by Reyden.

“I’m not little huh.”

“O-okay. But your father may get worried.”

“I’m with you, so why would he?” she chuckled and shook her head. “Let's go?” Without thinking, she grabbed Reyden’s hand and they walked along the sea shore.

“Don’t hold my hand too much, little princess. It's dangerous.” they just both chuckled while running.

The other month went smoothly. They became closer and had their bond together at Aurora. Sky went home to Manila but she always comes back to Aurora.

“You really love the sea huh, the nature I mean.” Sky said to Reyden as she watched him picking those plastic scattered by the children.

“I really do. I love nature, especially this ocean. This deep blue sea.” Reyden gave her his sweet smile.

“How I wish to be a sea.” Sky whispered those words but she heard Reyden’s chuckle.

“Do you want me to love you, Princess?” Sky gulped and her eyes got wider as she heard this fisherman’s words. “The whole world loves you, the people, us, me, you're like a little sister to me. Okay?” Reyden smiled and tapped Sky’s head.

But it's not the answer she wanted. She was hurt! Reyden only sees her as his little sister.
That night, she cried because she was hurt inside.

Until she realized that… she's not the same as what other girls want. She's the opposite.

She's the sky who fell in love with the sea. She fell in love with a fisherman who loves the sea.
The Princess of Vicente’s Castle is in love with a simple man, the handsome fisherman.

Even though she's hurt she still secretly loves that man.

One day at their meeting place under the sky, and the tall green tree, Sky smiled widely as she remembered what she had done. She hummed her favorite song while waiting for Reyden.

But she stopped humming when she heard Reyden, he’s calling her name loudly and he looks so pissed!

“Sky!” he angrily called.

“What did you do! What are you thinking? You're looking down on me now?” he gulped and angrily looked at Sky’s eyes.

“Are you looking down on me? Because you have everything you want? Do you think you can buy us?” Reyden’s voice started to calm but Sky can sense how mad he is.

“I-I’m not, of course not! I just want to help!”

“I didn't ask for your help! You disappointed me, I thought you were different from other rich people. You're just one of them, who thinks they can buy everything.”

“Take this back, the hospital bills, and tuition fees, and the money you gave to my mother. I don't need your money.” he threw the black bag in front of her and started to walk away.

“Reyden…” Sky uttered, her tears pooled in her eyes but he couldn’t move “Reyden… I'm sorry, I don't know it will hurt you. I just wanted to help. Please!”

“Take back. Wealthy Princess. Let’s not cross our path again. I wish.”

“Reyden, please! I'm sorry, okay? I will do everything, I will not meddle in your personal life again. Just please don't wish to not cross our path again.” Sky uttered those words while crying but Reyden didn’t answer her. He just walked away. Sky ran towards him and from the back, she hugged him tight. Maybe this is their first and last hug.

“Please don't leave. I… I love y-you, Reyden.”

“I don't love you.” it was like a punch to her heart when she heard that. She gulped, her chest aching. Her hands slowly trembled so she stepped back and removed her hands from hugging.

That was the worst day ever for Sky. She came back to Aurora but she didn’t see the Escobar family. She did her research but she can't find out where they are and what exactly happened to them.

Until she forgot that she's a Princess of Vicente’s Castle. She’s in the news!

Vicente’s Princess caught cheating from her fiance Aladin Cruz. She was spotted at Aurora with a fisherman, they looked happy and seemed like they’re in a relationship.

She almost forgot that she’s famous and she has a fiance!

But the news was cleared through her dad’s connection. But Sky don't want to have Aladin as her fiance. She told that to her parent.

“You are born to marry Aladin Cruz, Sky. You are my princess and no one can deserve you except this prince of Cruz’ Castle.”

Years passed, Sky finished her studies and now she successfully have her job as a famous Psychiatrist in the Philippines.

But even if she got her dream Job, she never got the one she love.

Two days more and she will force to marry Aladin Cruz.

She's frustrated while sitting here in International Meetings of some famous doctors. She can't focus due to what she's thinking. She stood up and decided to go outside the hall.

But she’s not far away from her seat when she heard a familiar voice. A voice she missed for so many years…

“Ladies and gentlemen, I am happy that I'm part of the encouragement program. As a doctor, we are about to save lives…”

In those first words he uttered, her tears fell down as those memories they had share together flashed in her mind.

The one she love. That fisherman is now right in front of those famous doctors in different countries, he is now one of the successful doctors!

“Last question Dr. Escobar… what motivated you to become a successful doctor?”

“My father… he was sick. He’s the reason why I studied medicine. But sadly, he didn’t wait for me. He died after I just graduated medicine. Yet the pain didn’t stop me, I still pursued this job to help other sick people. I got inspired by someone too. She's standing there in front of me, wearing black dress.” Sky gasped, her lips were half opened and her eyes widened! She's wearing black right now and she's standing right infront of him!

“Thank you for inspiring me, little princess. I know you're mad at me after what happened years ago. But please let me explain everything. If you still care to hear…” this time their eyes darted to each other. She may not see it closer but she know his eyes are on her.

“Sky, please meet the Sea at the Horizon.”

After the convention, she decided to go at Aurora. Where the Sky met the Sea.

Sea of her love.

“I’m sorry, Sky. I know you're thinking that I was childish after I broke our path.”

“I don't know if you still believe me but… I just said that for you to hate me, for you to forget me. I wanted to hurt you for you to hurt me too. Because you don't know how I looked up to you. That I'm imagining things I know it can't be.”

“I was in love.” she was shocked by his sudden confession, she sat down, because her foot are getting jelly.

‘He was in love? The same time I was? If he confessed it to me, then there’s a possibility that we are together now!’

That's what Sky’s thinking.

“I was in love with you. But I was too shy to admit. Until I heard that you had your fiance. And that time, I accepted that our worlds are really different. I'm just the Sea. And you're the Sky. You're high as the sky, I can't hold you, baby.”

Her tears can't stop flowing, her heart beats so fast that it affects her breathing.

She still love him, and only him.

“I studied medicine, because I want to cure sick people. But I also studied this because I want to win you back. I want to give you everything you need. I want to treat you as my princess. I couldn’t do that if I had nothing, right?”

She shook her head. Of course not.

“No! You're just the one I need, Reyden.”

“I guess I'm late, baby. Do you love Aladin Cruz? Your wedding will be tomorrow right?” he smiled bitterly.

Sky cried in front of Reyden while shaking her head. Her tears, her sobs, and the trembling of her hands. Reyden hugged her tight and whispered…

“Please tell me, you still love me… My Sky. And I will do and fight for everything from now on.”

But Reyden didn’t hear anything from Sky aside from her sobs. But he just felt a strong fist landed on his face.

Sky gave her 3 consecutive punches while she's sobbing.

“You're crazy!..” she sob again “Crazy, crazy! You must have told me that back then!”

“I lost years with you.” Reyden hugged Sky and he chuckled at her reaction.

“I’m sorry, baby.”

“Now, help me to escape in my castle! I was so frustrated thinking about that wedding with the man I never loved! I will accept the consequences.” she said firmly.

“I will do everything, My Sky.”

They went to Vicente's Castle and they are both firm to face everyone together.

“What is this! Didn’t I warn you to stay away from my princess!?” Sky’s father shouted.

“Yeah, you successfully did. But I came back to win your daughter again.”

“What? Dad, you warned him to stay away from me?!”

Sky knew everything. That her father was the one reason why Reyden stayed away from her.

“Dad. I'm sorry to say this. But there will be no wedding tomorrow. I don't love Aladin and I don't want a marriage with him.”

“I love this man, right beside me. And I don't want to break my path with him again. I'm sorry to hurt you dad. But I really love Reyden.”

Reyden hold Sky’s hand firmly

“I may not have a castle as Aladin, I may not lived in extravagant life as him, I may not own a properties as yours, I may not known in public as your names… but I can promise you, when the sky meets the sea, you will witness a beautiful love story.”

When the sky meets the sea, you will witness a beautiful love story.

“I love your daughter, and I promise to make her happy. I won’t hurt her again. I will love her forever. Because she's my sky.”

“I thought you love the sea?” Sky suddenly interrupted…

“Oh baby, please wait, I'm talking to your dad. But yes baby, I loved the sea more than the sky before. However, since you came into my life, I love Sky more than the Sea.”

“That’s so sweet of you, huh. I really hate the years we lost!”

“At Least now, I still have the chance to be with you right?”

“Right, baby.” Sky happily said.

“Oh goodness!” they almost forgot that they’re in front of Sky’s father “Okay! Okay! I’ll cancel that wedding with Aladin! Just.. just make it fast! Give me a grandson!” they both laughed after hearing the former president, Sky’s father advised!

And from that day on… they started to create beautiful memories together.

“I love you my, Sky.”

“I love you more, my Sea of Love.”

Just like the sky and the sea, when they met at the horizon, they created an amazing love story.



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