The Inkwellprompt - Going with my uncle to the cemetery.

Wait for me here, you are too young to for this, I do not want you to come with me.

He left and I was standing beside the vehicle.

Not long I heard cricket in the wood cricking toward my direction, I got terrified and quickly enter inside the vehicle.

It was on a day time, around 2 PM but to me it seems like midnight, I was having it real hot and my body was shaky.

I began to think of what may have brought uncle Charles to a cemetery, because I knew quite alright that he is not working in a cemetery.

Those thoughts runs through my mind for a time longer than necessary, yet uncle Charles was still not through with his purpose of our visit.

The wood located besides the cemetery was a thick one and not up to thirty minutes, a bird flew and Pat on our vehicle, it was a vulture I think, as big as he was, I quickly came out of the vehicle and experience that the Pat was black and white in colour.

While taking a deep looked at it!

I feel someone pressing his hands on me, I was scared of who had touched me and I turn around, it was Uncle Charles.


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He told me had forgot something in the car, he open the front door and brought out a beautiful flower.

Off he went, this time, insisted that I go with him.

I didn't want to go with him, but he said, what if I took too long, come with me is nothing, do not be scare of anything.

He started to explain the purpose of our coming to the cemetery.

I was so sad when he said that, someone he had once love and will forever love was buried here and that is the reason for our coming here today.

He went further to tell me that she was so dearly to him.

I do this every year just to remember her love for me.

And at this point I could feel the pains of Uncle Charles, tears was dropping from his eyes.

He hugged me tightly and wholeheartedly.

Everything Became clear to me how Missing some so dearly could feels.

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