The inkwell prompt #29/ School note. Beating the best.


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Mary Eleseku is a wonderful girl with all the characteristics of a good student.

She is a student of JOA ( Jel Onward Academy) she is in the Senior class the first stage in the senior class, S S 1.

Mary is a tall beautiful young girl who has no time for all nonsense of life, all she is after is her academics, she puts in all her best to always emerge the best in the class.

And the result is always wonderful she always emerges almost winner but not yet because there is some other guy named Destiny who is also as good as Mary, they are always in competition with each other Mary tries as much as possible to see that she beats Destiny to it but it seems difficult.

Everything that is required of students is what Mary does.

What do you want to mention about good students?

Paying attention while in class Mary Eleseku pays good attention to every bit of every word and every section in the class and she makes sure she understands whatever that is happening in the class she calls her teacher's attention whenever she discovered lapses in her understanding.

Fixing all her assignments is one of the greatest things she does as a student.

She always sits to ask herself why Destiny is always beating her to it whenever it comes as an overall student. And that is because both people are in different classes as Mary is in ss1A while Destiny is in ss1B Mary always succeeds in her class as the best but whenever it comes to general comparison at the end of the session Destiny is always called the overall in the school.

This persisted right from when they were in Junior class and now they are in Senior class.

Mary got worried at a time and decided to seek the concept of her teacher to help her out.

Mary: " please sir I will like to talk to you about something"

Teacher: " what is it, Mary?"

Mary: " Destiny is my problem in the school"

Teacher: " how do you mean?"

Mary: " I put in my best to all what I do in school to emerge as the best in the school but Destiny keeps beating me to it or is there anything he is doing that I am not doing?"

Teacher: " Laughs, yes there's something Destiny is doing that you are not doing."

Mary Eleseku is good with all her academics but something spoiled all her effort which is school notes.

Mary is very lazy when it comes to copying notes and that was one thing Destiny was doing very well but Mary, on the other hand, thought notes don't matter to her academic excellence.

When the teacher pointed out her challenge she saw how true it is. And then she picked correction by updating her school notes.


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And Mary is patiently waiting for the session to end to see if she will beat him to it.

What do you think will be Mary's faith as she waits?

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