The inkwell fiction round#25/ Don't look at how bad, look at the choice made.

I came out so furious pondering on what just happened back in that room.

I couldn't believe the wife I am about to marry has been going out with my best friend.

Yes!!! I saw their conversation.

I sat close to the bar as I pondered more how on earth did I get myself into this mess and will I be ready to continue the shit.
Ohh No I said to myself as I served myself a glass of wine I gulped with a squeezed face just like someone who was forced to take in what he did not like the hotness of the gin enacted through my esophagus and my chest and down to Tommy.

Another glass was on the table as I stared at it.

A voice came from behind you doesn't go this way if you want to solve a problem such as this.

I turned and it was my mum, problems like require res composure and deep thought alcohol are not the best.

Welcome, mum. And for how long have you been standing over there? You didn't notify me you will be coming.

Yes, I wanted to pay you a surprise visit to see how well you are preparing for your marriage but it seems things are not getting well.
As you prove it to be, I have warned you but you fail to understand.

All you see is Love and the mum's advice seems to be a disturb to you.

But trust me you would have seen hell if God had allowed you to marry that lady.
But I want to say God has decided to save you from an impending danger that would have ruined your life. I never liked that lady since the day I saw her first.

I stared at my Mum to the face, How did she get to know about the situation at hand, I said in my heart as I look closely at her.
Ha!! Don't worry about how I got the data I have been in the house for very long and I overheard all your conversations with her.

But mum what do you have me do in a situation like this I and Elizabeth have come a long way.

But then again my mum said I know what is best for you and as your mother, I would not have to marry a lady that will lead you to your early grave, a lady who is not contented with what she has.

But I tell you one thing.

"It is better to have a broken relationship than to have a broken marriage."
I can relate this image to the word of Advice.

You don't complain about the marriage you complain about the choice of partner.



And don't forget

"Your family comes second in your life after God."

She left me with these words ringing in my head as she walked to her prepared room she is no longer a stranger in her son's house.

Elizabeth Never liked my mum the challenge of bringing them together has just been aborted by the silly lifestyle she chose to live.

Nevertheless, I think mum's advice will go a long way here.

It's better to have a broken relationship than to have a broken marriage.

Elizabeth was erased out of the line to avoid any eventuality that might come up.

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