The inkwell fiction 50/The accused..


Thief! thief!! thief!!! The woman shouted without hesitation the young men around quickly picked their sticks as no one ever wants to hear that name. It sound annoying to people around and won't take it likely with Anyone that is been tagged with such name. Most especially if it happen in a country like Nigeria. Well use to serve all this thieves right and i use to like it when ever they are been treated the way they are, not untill the day i encountered this particular one.
The guys around that vicinity ran quickly to the point and and the guy was already on the ground screaming at the top of his voice that he is not a thief but the crowd around where much that his voice was swallowed up but their thunderous voice yelling and shouting. Kill! kill!! kill!!! was all what i heard i said to my self why will this people want to take law into their hands but as it is in Nigeria it's almost an ethical stuff to deal with thieves when ever they are been caught. And in most cases they up to me as i stand in a corner observing what was going on " what did he do"? He asked me, He was caught stealing i responded. "What did he steal"? That question stroke me and that was when i realize that no one even cared to know what the guy actually stome then i responded " I don't know sir". What he quickly ran to the point and asked same question What did he steal he echoed it loud and that brought everyone to his or her senses then one after the other they withdraw from the vicinity. Then to the woman who accused the guy, what did he steal from you? He asked her and she said my phone sir where did you keep it? The next question popped in right in my purse she replied. Did you border calling the line. "No"the woman answered reluctantly. Then man asked her to call the number which she did and then one dial from the man's phone then she heard the phone ringing in a corner of the commercial car from which both the woman and the accused guy dropped from. She quickly ran to search for the phone which she found. And then "sorry" she said to the guy. But how painful this can be if one should be in that position. Then out of pity the man took the guy to the hospital for check-up and proper treatment. Just a prompt from the #theinkwell .
Write a story on a person that was accused of stealing
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