The ink well-round #40/ Party Go wrong.

It's another 23rd of April, the streets of Lagos are flying big banners of Mrs Alade who always mark that particular day as her womb escape day meaning that was the day she was given birth to.

This one is going to be great compared to the previous ones that have taken place as she will be celebrating her golden Jubilee meaning Mrs Alade will mark the 50th of her birthday.

Everything is put in place to ensure everything goes just the way it is supposed to on that day.

The event planner is putting all possible effort to make sure all things are out in place.

Mrs Alade has given a strict warning that she will not want anything to mess things up as some important dignitaries will be present at the upcoming party.

So the chef, cake designer, decorators, DJ and all the people required to make sure the party is successful are trying to play their part very well so as not to mess things up.

Bode popularly known as LEFTY is one of Mrs Alade's adopted twins, with her twin sister Bisi.

Bisi is a barrister who got married and has two kids.

While Bode on the other hand is a street girl who spends most of her time with touts who are always on drugs.

Even though Mrs Alade has tried all her possible best to see that she puts Bode on the right part but all have gone to no avail.

Well, that's not the discussion for the day, that aside.

The day of the event finally came and all the dignitaries invited honoured the invitation.

The DJ, the decoration, the live band, the MC, and everything else was moving fine.

The food served the drinks and all that was required for the party to be ok was put in place.

Until three of Mrs Alades' friends entered the party ground.

You are highly welcome. She welcomed them and they were ushered to their seats.

What do we offer you?

Aww, this must be a new chef. One of them responded that we don't eat anything aside from jollof rice. Ok, ma's we will be back shortly with your choice the chef responded.



But an unfortunate incident happened and the jollof rice was messed up and can not be presentable for important people such as those women.

It was a bit tight for the chef as what went through her mind was to cook another one but how long will it take before it will be ready.

Some people are already served the rice someone ran to her. Oh no please let's stop them from eating it.

She quickly ran to the table. Please, we are sorry you can't eat this. We had a problem with the rice, but the ladies looked at her in shock. Well, the young woman we brought this from our house, not the one you served.

Ok, the chef responded, do you have enough of it that can serve at least three plates? Yes, we do. Can you please help me? The Jollof we cooked is having issues and some important dignitaries only want jollof rice, the chef pleaded. And they agreed to give three plates of jollof rice.

But something strange happened.

People who are supposed to be entertained become entertainers.

These three women went weird doing things that shocked everyone sitting there. They danced like mad people, shouting and even climbing chairs and tables. What could have gone wrong?

It was later discovered that those ladies who cane with their jollof rice are Bode's friends even though they looked responsible in their attire.

The mystery behind it was that these guys cooked their Jollof adding Cannabis to it.

So it is as good as smoking it.

Mrs Alade shouted I tried as much as possible not to allow taunts into this place. How did they get to come into this place? Immediately she called the police to arrest but Bode threatened to jump down from a two-story building if her friends were not allowed to go.

And that was their rescue point. Mrs Alade loves her adopted twins so much that she can do anything for them even though Bode is wayward.

But then the party that was supposed to be the talk of the town has turned into mockery to Mrs Alade as that was the worst party she ever had.

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