The ink well prompt #30. Three words. Scooter Midnight, River.

Mary J decided to spend the weekend with her grandparent.
She was emotionally stressed from school so she needed somewhere quiet to get over it.

Her boyfriend decided to break up the relationship between them and that almost got her to lose her mind as never so it coming.

At a point, they were doing well and the next point is the sad news of the breakup. Mary J is a beautiful girl beyond doubt, she has possed all the qualities that a beautiful should have but people kept wondering why her boyfriend will let her go even when so many other guys are out there hoping they had Mary J as their girlfriend.

Even though so many guys have been stalking her they were happy with the breakup.

So Mary J visited her grandparent but then the grandparents also scheduled to spend their weekend elsewhere. It was kind of sad but Mary J still finds it good as the house will be empty for her with no one to monitor and ask her series of questions.
It was Friday evening after spending small time with her grandparents they then decided to move. She accompanied them to the garage where grandma took on the stirring and grandpa on the passengers' side.

She wave to them as they drove off, who she released a deep breath as she sluggishly walked into the house.
Immediately she got into the house, her eyes were already dripping tears she couldn't control the flow and then her heart was bitter that she couldn't help but scream out her pains she cried all through the night.

There was no one to console her she cried until she fell asleep.

Mary J woke up the next morning which us Saturday with much relief in her heart because she let the pains out of her through Friday night.
She prepared breakfast for herself did some cleanup and then decided to go for a stroll down the street.

She later came back home still trying to get it off her head totally before resuming back to school on Monday.

On the same Saturday, she schedules to visit a river she always goes to with her grandfather to fish, but this time around it has to be her alone but Mary doesn't know how to fish but she decided to take the hook and line Along with her to the river.



But she spent the whole day there hoping to get even if its a fish, all attempt seems successful but the result is always nothing to count. She kept trying until she forgot to check her time and now it's getting dark but she did not take notice of the dark as all the attention was focused on what she was doing.

Not quite long she heard a shout from the other side of the river and that was when it occurred to her that it is late.

She hurriedly picked her empty bucket and rushed back home but the noise persisted even when she got to the house and its almost midnight the fear showed all over her as goosebumps eroded on her skin. She couldn't help as she locked up all the windows and doors at this time the memory of her boyfriend has already been wiped out of her memory and all she thought of now is to save her life.

She quickly ran into the garage as the sound seems it is getting close to the house.


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There she found an old scooter, her grandfather uses whenever he doesn't want to use the car for small errands.

That was the saving grace she kicked and off to her parent's house, she zoomed off.

She became even more relieved when she discovered everyone was awake that night.
In trying to enquire she got to the house and discovered that day was her birthday, the joy of the celebration made her even happier but why will you do it without me? she asked,

Because you choose to do it alone so we also decided to do it alone as well, the grandfather replied and that is why we decided to scare you down here for a proper celebration, they all laughed at that statement as the celebration went on that night the joy became complete and the memory of her breakup and the fear from the noise in grandpas place was replaced with the joy of how wonderful her birthday went.

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