The ink well fiction round #19/ Aunty T.


Ruqqayat is a big Aunty that always comes to visit once in a blue moon she is always amazing to stay with.

We all jumped in happiness when our mother broke the news of her coming Aunty T is coming we all shouted.

We were happy because a moment with her is always amazing not to talk of when she decides to stay for a long period and this time she will be coming to stay for a week and we learned she will be coming with her fiance, who we don't know but at last Aunty T will be getting married.

You will be wondering why we call her Aunty T.
Don't worry you will get to know the cause of the story.

Finally, the day came and we sat in anticipation waiting eagerly to meet Aunty Ruqqayat and her fiance but it seems almost disappointing as the day is fast spent and they are not yet here.

We run out to every sound of car horn we hear but we always walk back disappointed as who we expect is not who we see.

It's already 6 pm and at this time we are already losing hope of her coming and the level of disappointment seems to grow worst.

Mum tried reaching her through her cell phone but it was not connecting, the time is 8 pm and we all retired to our bed filled with disappointment, one of my siblings said Aunty T has successfully deceived us anyway I don't think she will make it because even a blind man will get to know that it's too late for anyone traveling to travel considering the level of Insecurity in the country.

We all slept that night filled with disappointment.

Someone woke me up the next morning with a loud shout it seems like a dream but it turned to be realistic as the shout persisted. What the hell is going on in the house this morning, then the message got to my ears when the last girl ran into my room, big bro!!! Hey Michelle what's wrong she screamed aloud Aunty T is in the house the message sprang me up from my bed, I ran out just to find her in the kitchen preparing some breakfast. Ha!! Aunty, you will never change, when did you come to the excitement in me made me even forget that I was supposed to even at least greet.

But she looked and her response was good morning T boy that was when it occurred to me that I didn't greet, Good morning Aunty I replied.

Where is the person you came with I asked eagerly, Who told you she asked in total amazement.

Mum of course.

Ok don't worry you will soon meet him but now he is tired and still asleep, our trip yesterday was not funny. Alright, I replied as I walked out of the kitchen.
The day went well as we all had fun with Aunty Ruqqayat and her fiance.

We all waited for that moment that made us call Aunty Ruqqayat Aunty T.

We had all had our lunch. Then we heard that which we have been waiting for.

It's TEA time!!!

We all shouted as Aunty T make it ready but to our greatest surprise Aunty Ruqqayat's fiance ran out fully kitted and he said please I love TEE time can we go now but the eyes that were on him made him feel weird then we all burst into laughter. And that made us call him Uncle T and that became his name ever since then.
And it was fun having them in our house for that period.

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