The ink well fiction prompt #125/ Light in the Mic.

You will be a light to the world shining brighter into the lives of people who chose to be in the dark.

But how will I achieve such when the person I needed support more from is the real darkness that will not allow the light out of me? James replied to his teacher with a bitter heart.

That darkness is going to benefit also from what you will produce from his teacher calming him down in a low tune.

But the darkness here is in charge of the so-called light and until it says shine that is when this light can shine.

Poor Billy said as he cried.

Billy, who is from a very wealthy home and attends one of the best colleges, has chosen a career with a great idea to back it up but he has got one big problem, and that's his father.

How do you tell such an influential man that his son wants to become a musician knowing fully well that he must have got his plans for the little boy?

Billy's teacher took it upon himself to inform Billy's dad of the development.

He did but as expected the outcome was negative it became far more than expected Billy's dad did not only act with rage upon hearing that information he went further by changing the children's school believing that the teachers are the ones corrupting the heart of the children with such orientation.

He went further to place a close look at his child just to make sure he doesn't go anywhere close to what he thought he could do.

But the truth is that light can not be hidden for a long time.


Billy made his way to the new school where his father enrolled him, there he found a girl whose uncle is a music producer secretly he always makes out time to visit the studio, this came easy for him because the uncle of his friend discovered how talented he is when it comes to singing.

He did that regularly without the concern of anyone in the house.

A singing competition came up where young talented children are to participate as the winner will be sponsored on scholarship throughout his college with a registered name to one of the greatest record labels pending when he will move fully into the industry.

Billy registered for the competition through the help of his friend's uncle, he went for the competition and a star was made he emerged as the winner in that competition before his father could realize what was happening Billy had become a superstar with his name all over the social media handles.

How can you hide such a person again? He already has outshined the darkness and therefore the darkness has no control over him again. He already has sponsorship for his education and if his father tries anything funny at this point he already has thousands of people who are ready to take him in.

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