The ink well fiction. Moon of destiny.

If destiny has brought us together then we should meet again.

Jude told kate.

What should be the fate of our meeting? Kate asked curiously, I am so into you that I wouldn't want to lose you for any reason though this is the first time we met.

Kate said with her heart pounding fast. The looks on her face showed she has fallen seriously in love with Jude.

If we are meant to meet again then let the full moon bring us together in any part of the world.

They hugged themselves as they departed.

Even though Jude knew so well that it was almost impossible, his instinct kept telling him that it would happen.

He left for his home town as he is from the western part of the country while Kate is from the eastern part of the country. How will destiny bring this person together under the full light of the moon? Since they don't stay anywhere close to each other.

Meeting at Northcentral for their youth service was an amazing time but the time spent was too short for them. Since love is involved.

Kate oh my God the truth of the matter is that nothing is coming to my head concerning this story. I have waited for days but it's still not coming.

It's just like a student who solves his equation, gets to a point and then gets confused on how to continue.

What that student does is that he just goes to the final answer.

Now the end of the story is that Jude met Kate in South Africa and it was on a full moon night day.



It was in a garden where he sat to glance at the moon when someone tapped him on the shoulder.

He brought down his head gently just to discover it was kate.

I knew it would happen, he said to himself as he sprang up in joy to hug kate.

Jude was there for his Masters, Kate also came for her Masters in South Africa

They never planned it but I think destiny has done it again.

The story is a cut and joins story just like an African man will say.

The more I wait for the idea the late it becomes so I just have to fix things up the way they are thanks doe passing by.

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