The ink well fiction #31/ Fork on the road.

Ayo a good trader had struggled through thin and tough to see how he keeps food on his table and that of his mum. He grew up to know his mother though she has told him that he had a brother who is his twin.

But where will he be by now he asked but anytime he asked that question there is never an answer to that question.

He sells grain in the market every Tuesday which happened to be their market day, this means that you get all you need from the market only on Tuesdays and that make people from neighbouring community to buy from their market through the week until its another Tuesday.

What is the name of my Twin brother he asked his mother?

I don't know his name it all happened when you people were 6 days old.

I gave birth to both of you 20 years ago, when it all started.

We had left in peace with one another having no trouble to phase than to just make sure we have food on our table when this unknown gunman entered the village with much hostility showing mercy on no one. They intended to wipe out the whole village, they shoot on sight anyone that comes across them.

Your father managed to sneak with us through a route I never knew.



We ran with other people we met on the road we were moving together not until we got to point on the road that had a fork I never paid attention to know if your dad who held your brother is with me I quickly took the left, I didn't until I walked about 3 km from that point where the road had separated us I couldn't go back because the pressure coming was too high so I kept on the move until I am sure we are safe.

Ever since then I have moved from one place to another but all to no avail.
I can not tell if these people are still alive or not, but an instinct tells me they still live and loge will bring us together someday.
Ayo crossed his heart to meet his brother someday as he continues with his trade.

6 years later Ayo was at the marketplace selling his grains when a young man walked to him please give me 20 measures of your grain, that order was too high as no one has ever bought such a quantity from him.

Ayo rose his head gently to look at the person placing such demand. He saw a young man who looks exactly like him the young man also in absolute shock looked at him, could ut be you all this while the young man said as Ayo was also having the same thought in his heart.

Dad The young man called to an old man who was equally buying something from another trader. The dad was also amazed to see Ayo.

Where is your mum he asked directly as if he knew Ayo?

Blood is thicker than water

A popular Nigeria saying, this is my son your brother the man said to the other young man.

Ayo closed his market for that day and took them to his mother who was sitting outside the house. Onsight of her husband she quickly jumped from her old seat to grab him.

Ayo this is your father and that young man I suppose should be your twin brother as the resemblance is obvious.

Sorry I couldn't find you the man said as he looked straight into his wife's eyes but am glad you and our son ate still alive. We are moving right away to the city, I and Bisi are good businessmen and we are doing well and I can see that the same blood run even in Ayo's vain will mean a big reunion to us.

They all laughed as they packed their things as they moved to a city where Ayo his mother, his brother and his father moved to the big mansion built

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