The ink well contest round #17. Action, Dialogue and narrative.



What do you think you are doing? A question popped out from nowhere as I tried to fix the pipe behind my house which is directly facing Mr Festus house. The pipe is connected to the fish pond in my house and it's to ease flushing of water from the pond when ever we want to change the water, the pipe is connected into a gutter that demarcate our house.
That thing you flush out from that pipe stinks.
That's non of you business since it's not flushed into your house.

The gutter is there to convey bad water. I didn't even care to know who was talking but it's obvious that the voice is not that of Mr Festus but it sound like that of his son who we all know to be a drug addict.

What did you just say the voice responded. I said it's non of your business since it doesn't flush into your house i replied.

It's better you stop what you are doing for your own good, he said again and this time around I turned to him and I said to him what if I don't stop what will you do? Then I turned again back to what I was doing. I didn't hear him for a while then I assumed he has gone. I don't know what is wrong with this boy as he will not settle down to put his life together but instead go around causing trouble in the whole town.
What did you just say? I heard the words from far and before I could turn I felt a sharp pain on my head which sent message to my brain but before my brain could tell what happened I was laying unconsciously.
The next time I opened my eye I saw my wife close to me my head ached, what happen? That bastard hit you with a shovel but he has been arrested and locked up in the prison.
Not long Mr Festus walked in, Please I am very sorry over what happened I promise to make sure that boy is severely punished.
Oh no, I said but he is only acting like a child, yes but he will not continue like this Mr Festus replied.

Hope you are recovering fast? Oh yes thanks to the doctor and nurses they have been doing well in the oine of their duty's and I must commend they are really doing well. Yes that is what they are paid to do Mr Festus replied.

No, they only have the people at heart and not because of the money they received.
I can relate so many hospitals who are equally paid but do not render the service very well.
Anyway thanks for bringing me hear.
Oh no Mr Festus replied and please before I leave the doctor said you will soon be discharged so I settled the bills.
Oh my God you are such an amazing person how I wish your son can just immulate your kind of person.
He Inhaled oxygen and exhaled carbon dioxide, I will try all my possible best to see that I put that boy in the right direction.

I have to leave now I have an appointment please do well to call me when you are out of this place.
Alright thanks Mr Festus.

While on his way out Mr Festus phone rang🎶🎶.
Hello it's me the police officer from the station your son is.
Owk please keep him there with hard labor for a period of two weeks I think that will serve him right.

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