Left hand side of the bed to the fullest./5 things on a bad day/ theinkwell fiction prompt#9


The five things that would happen to a person on a bad day.
Days seems to be bad when things fail to work out the way they are suppose to.
But considering what are those things that seems not to work right on those days that we term the bad days.

Mike woke up that morning on the left hand side of his bed, tye African mentality tell that waking up on the left hand side of the bed is a bad Omen as things are likely not to work well on that day. It means the day will be filled with bad luck. Well Mike ignored it and made his way straight out of the bed room.

Mike walked into the kitchen just to discover that the last rice in the house that he saved start the day with got spoiled oh my God he exclaimed , this means going on hunger that day. It's even more pathetic when he ran to checked pocket, Mike discovered the money he had will not be enough to buy something eatable as trying that means walking on leg for 10km to where work. The whole of that day already has been distabilised already as Mikel dressed up and got ready for work.

Mike manage to make his way on empty stomach to his work place with the last 1$ in his pocket which will take him to his office in a taxi. Unknowingly to mike he left the money on the kitchen cabinets while he was preparing. He got to the bus stop where he stopped a cab to his office. He got to discover the 1$ that was suppose to serve as his transport fare is no where to be found.
After much explanation and pleading with the driver he decided to let Mike go.still thinking of how he manage to leave that money at home, he walked into the office with everyone staring at himwithout a word as that day was already stressed up Mike walked straight to his office.

On getting to the office Mike discovered his boss served with a white envelope when he opened it, His eyes widened as he couldn't believe what he was seeing. The letter stated that Mike has been fired. Tragic

After much worries Mike console himself and walked back home thinking of where to start life. After a long walk Mike finally got home but then another bad news came up. Mike! His landlord called and Mike replies Sir!!! I have tried alot and there is nothing i can do you have been served an eviction note to park out of the house as your rent is due for payment. This is a typical example of what will happen on a bad day. Mike sighed as he looks up and down. What is really happening today he asked him. But he got up and said to him self if a day can bring bad news then there should be a day that will bring news all hope is not lost. Mike moved on as he thinks of better way to go about his life.
Hope no one has ever gone across such day as it will really mark a bad day.
Thanks to @agmoore for his correction.
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