Yes, I was blinded by love......Ink Well Prompt #49

I remember standing by the light of the moon, listening to him talk about how much he loves me and how he'll never let go. It hasn't been one moon-talk. Sincerely, I had a lot of them. Each time, we'll be discussing a different thing. It's either he is apologizing for misbehavior or he is professing love over again.

I remember one that made my heart skip. We were headed towards the church auditorium and the program took place in the evening. We were late. The moon had shone its brightness when we left home. On the crossroad separating us from our church auditorium, he held my hands while looking left and right, before crossing. The memory is still as clear as day, and I still remember the light of the moon that shone on that night. We hadn't started dating yet, but my heart was already warming up to him. This was as a result of the little gesture and actions he took on my behalf.

Subsequent days, he'll always find a reason to make us stay under the moon, while we talk about nothing in particular. Only, we wanted to spend more time with each other, and it seem every time, the moon had our support. Perhaps, he had connived with the moon to spread her light upon our various meetings, that way, I'll be greatly seduced into falling for him.

I must admit, both of them won cos I didn't realize when I started looking forward to his calls, messages, and the various church meetings. The desire to see more of him was intense, and so was the desire to listen to him speak about his unending love for me.

My childish soul longed for those moments when time stops, and all I could hear is my lover's voice. Echoing love, care, and attention, with as many details as he can fabricate. It was quite intoxicating, and I couldn't get enough of him or his love speeches.

Who would dare caution me? That human would be in trouble cos I had been swept off balance and nothing anyone says made sense. Yes, I was blinded by love, if that's what it was. I was taken, overwhelmed, enchanted, and seduced.

It was easy because I craved the presence and the attention of the opposite sex at a certain age and biology says that's okay. What biology didn't mention was how addicted these changes will be. Biology never mentioned I'll suck up in the euphoria of love, emotions, and feelings. Biology never mentioned I'll become quite needy, and attached to the opposite sex and probably lose my mind. Biology failed to mention all of this.

Nothing prepared me for the fights that ensued shortly. No, love stories often had happy endings, we never get to see the other side. Somehow, the love I found through standing by the light of the moon hit me with blows that changed me. It was wrecking. The blow of hate was as powerful as the blow of love.

I was physically, emotionally, and psychologically weekend. This doesn't mean I hate the moon for passing me a cup of love and taking it away afterward. Rather, I love the moon for soliciting for me and giving me the chance to discover how it feels to love someone one minute and distaste everything about them the next moment.

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