Imagined in time

Imagined in time

Once upon a time there was a boy called Jesús who always wanted to play when he had to do his homework, he was a sleepyhead, preferring to prioritise idle activities and leaving the most important things for later or not doing them at all.

He had spent the weekend lazing around and set aside the last day to study for an exam he would see on Monday. When Sunday came, he got up very comfortably in his bed and said.

"It's too early, I'll watch cartoons and study in the afternoon".

All the programmes on TV were reruns, I had already seen them and I still preferred to watch them and not study.

When it was two o'clock in the afternoon, the boy said:

"I can go on studying in the evening" and went out into the street for a while.

All his friends were playing in the park when he ran into them, they mentioned how well prepared they were for the exam, for a moment he thought about studying but he wanted to stay and play.

When night came the boy was tired from playing and said:

"I'll sleep for a while and wake up later fresh as a daisy, ready to study."

Then the boy fell asleep but his conscience was very aware of getting up to study, the hours seemed to pass quickly, he felt that it was time to wake up but his body did not respond and in his mind he spoke.

"Now what am I going to do, I'm going to fall asleep, I can't get up, I'm running out of time."

I was half awake but also half asleep, one part reasoning and the other dreaming, it was difficult to discern what was dream and what was real.

On the verge of surrendering to sleep, he fell into an imaginary labyrinth that he began to wander through to find the exit until he came face to face with time that was also lost.

"What are you doing here, how did you find me if you don't want to know anything about me?" asked time.

"Oh, Time, take me back in time so I can study, please," the boy pleaded.

"Aha, now you realize my presence, there is no greater wealth than time, but you did not know how to take advantage of me, you did not value me when you had, you did not value me when I was too much, and now that I am missing, you long for me"

The crying child asked time to give him another chance.

Time, being good people, told him:

"I'll give you another chance, but it's up to you to wake up or go on sleeping."

The child did his best to open his eyes and time encouraged him.

"Come on kid, you can do it, you can do it, you can do it!"

The voice of time became more and more distant, until finally the boy woke up and when he looked at the time only a few minutes had passed, he thought he had slept for a long time but in reality it was a short sleep

Maybe he had a bad perception of time or time itself was generous with the child, it didn't matter what had happened, after all it was another chance .

The boy studied all night and the next day he managed to pass the exam and never wasted time in his life again.

The drawing is from my own source

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