And she opened her heart completely

They met just over a month ago but they just clicked. They love nature, appreciate simple things, and adore peace and quiet too. Their friendship is certainly moving forward and she just loved it. They are more like best of friends, although not a word has been spoken about it.

She was having tea with her mom one afternoon when Jacob called inviting her to his friend's birthday and the place he said, is in one of the town's most quiet and beautiful spots.

She was a little reluctant because it will be her first time meeting his friends. But Jacob teased saying she would regret it because the place has magnificent views of the sea from a little hill and she wouldn't want to miss it, adding it will be a small celebration so there isn't anything to worry about. "Did he just hear my thoughts over the phone?" Lucy was astounded. "So be ready and I'll pick you up at 5?" Jacob was still insisting at the end of the line.

Ah... how could she refuse? Her mind just pictured perfectly calm waters and a very colorful, glimmering sunset reflection too. "Okay, see you later then," she said, her mind still imagining the golden sunset illuminating the white sand on the shore and that got her so excited! "Going on a date?" her mom's teasing voice disrupted Lucy's thoughts. "I guess you could say that Mom! Would you like to be our chaperon?" she teased her mother back and they laughed.

Pok Rei

True to his words, Jacob arrived at her house early and they drove to the venue. She was quite nervous and being the shy girl she was, she was always reserved when it comes to meeting new people.

The party went so well and she didn't feel awkward at all. In fact, she enjoyed and was entertained too. Thanks to the eccentric but amusing stunts from one of the celebrator's friends, they have had many giggles and chuckles too. The setting was amazing and welcoming as well. There were tiny huts and some tents set up on the beautiful hill overlooking the sea. The trees gave the place a more soothing feel. "Jacob was right, this place is not to be missed!" she mumbled in her mind as she let her eyes wander around.

She was having a chat with Zenny, one of the celebrant's friends when Jacob excused her saying she was badly needed somewhere down the hill. It turned out he was just kidding and simply wanted to have a walk with her on the seashore. She was amused by his tactics but gladly accepted because many moments ago, she had a glimpse of the rather late sunset.

So they walked down, took their shoes off then ventured into the shore. They were marveling at how clear and calm the water was and chatted about many other things. Then Jacob stated that he believed the sea is a world of its own because it has everything in it. She nodded in agreement, perfectly understanding what he meant because she thought the same way too.

They kept walking at a very slow pace, enjoying the feel of the sand on their feet, the calmness of the sea, and adding to it each other's company. They stopped once in a while, throwing tiny pebbles to the water and watching the ripples, laughing softly as they walked some more. They came to a halt when they noticed the glimmering reflection of the sunset on the water and just beside it was an empty boat making the whole place even more beautiful and dramatic.


They quietly watched the sun as it slowly disappeared behind the clouds, leaving them awestruck. Lucy was bewildered at such a magnificent view and on her mind silently thanked the Heavens for it. Then she looked around and was astonished that they have not actually gone far when she thought they have been walking for hours already. She glanced at her watch and she saw it was half-past 11 at night.

"That's strange," she thought when, without any word, Jacob pulled her close to him, their eyes met... they gazed at each other for like an eternity. Then Jacob gently swung her to the left, his one hand on her back, the other on her waist, and in a few moments, she felt his warm lips on hers. And by the light of the moon and under the flickering stars up the sky, she closed her eyes and opened her heart completely, 'coz there and then, she knew and felt, she found a treasure in another human soul.

(Dương Nhân)

This wee fiction is my entry to the InkWell Prompt #49 - By the light of the moon and to the #Dreemport challenge too :)

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed it :)

Photos courtesy of Pexels, duly acknowledged above.


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