The unexpected happened

Renny got married to Raphael, they both loved each other but Renny loved money and riches more than her husband.

One day, when Raphael was preparing to go to work that morning, his wife Renny asked him about their annual vacation, but Raphael told her that they won't be going on their annual vacation anymore because he was running into deficit. But his wife refused to see reasons with him, all she wanted was for them to go on the vacation to Dubai because that's were all her married friends will be going to.


Raphael was so frustrated because his wife gave him a condition that if he was not going to take them on the vacation, that she was going to use the money he gave to her for his mother's treatment to go on the trip.

Raphael wasn't sure of what to do, but all he knew was that if he continued with his wife, she was going to make him go bankrupt, so he decided to divorce her. At first, Renny thought he was joking but at the long run, she found out that he has already made up his mind.

The both later agreed to the divorce but under some conditions of course. They had to share the property of the man, the woman was to take the house and also the car and some other valuables. Renny also took their daughter with her.

After she divorce her husband, she felt sad but her friend Clara adviced her to stop socking her pillows with tears instead she should look for someone else who would love her for who she is and who will also take care of her and her daughter. Renny was proud of the advice given to her by her friend so she decided to do as she was advised.

After that day, Renny started going on blind dates, she met a man called Raymond who has a lot of money and who also loves her. At this point, all she could think of was accepting his proposal but she never planned on telling him that she was married before and even had a daughter.


After some weeks together, she told him but he was okay with it. And this made Renny so convinced that Raymond was the man for her. Renny was also convinced that Raymond was a rich guy but her daughter thought otherwise because anytime she asked him of money he will always tell her he had no cash, but she didn't know how to tell her mum because Renny believes that Raymond was freaky rich and that's all she wanted.

As time passes by, Raymond knew that Renny was after his money but the unexpected happened. Raymond knowing that Renny already trust the fact that he was wealthy, he asked her to give him the original house papers for him to give to a client who will pay 5 million naira for a month because he was a house agent according to what he told Renny, she immediately agreed to what he requested.

After some days, Renny have been trying to reach out to Raymond but his phone wasn't going through, she was so worried but just then she heard a knock on the door, so she went to get the door and to her greatest surprise, it was the buyer of the house, Raymond duped her😳😳.

Renny was so dumbfounded, Because she was given one week to evacuate the house. She had no other option because she already gave the original papers to Raymond.


It all happened so fast, Renny lost her house, bit luckily for her, she had some money left with her, that was what she use to rent a hotel because she and her daughter loved their life of enjoyment so for some time they forgot they were just duped and that's why they went to rent a hotel.

They stayed at the hotel for one week and after that they went bankrupt, Renny had no other choice than to move out and that's how she and her daughter ended up in the streets.

Waking along the road thinking of what next to do, Renny remembered a man who she normally buy food from his restaurant when she don't have any money on her, so she went to the man's restaurant. When she got there she saw the man, his name was Andrew.


Andrew had a daughter who was in middle School and who also assisted him whenever she was back from school at the restaurant. His daughter was still in school when the mother and daughter came in. Renny was in debted to Andrew some months back when she had to pay him to act as her husband in the presence of Raymond so as for Raymond to be convinced that her and her husband were no longer together and he did the job very well but Renny refused to pay Andrew his complete money.

Renny thought she had gotten away with Andrew's money but unfortunately for her Raymond duped her. When she came inside the restaurant, Andrew seeing her was angry at first but because of the kind of person he was he forgave her and he served them food because they were really hungry.

The night was drawing near but Renny and her daughter don't seem like people who were planning to leave the restaurant even after finishing their meal. Andrew walked to them to ask what they were still doing there but they pleaded to him to let them spend the night there but Andrew was surprised at their request, so he asked them what happened and Renny narrated the story to him.

Andrew had pit on them and took them to his house. When they got there, Andrew's daughter was surprised to see them because she knew what Renny did to her father.

She left angrily with her holding her father's hand and they went to the kitchen. Prisca, Andrew's daughter then complained about him bringing Renny and her daughter to the house but the father told her it was not good to pay evil with evil, so prisca understood her father and agreed to let them stay.

Renny and her daughter were not really comfortable with the house but what option do they have, they had to manage. This situation taught Renny and her daughter a lot that made them start seeing things from a different perspective.

Renny started assisting Andrew at his restaurant while her daughter assisted Prisca at home with house shores although she wasn't used to being the one doing shores at home but she had no other choice. Prisca taught her how she needs to go about it, from that day onwards they became friends.


Andrew and Renny always being together at the restaurant, they became very close and they fell in-love with each other. Renny coming into Andrew's life, changed his life for the better. His business started growing, he relocated from where he was to a new place and everything was going smoothly.

After closing from the restaurant one day, Andrew took Renny out on a walk, when they got to a specific spot Andrew proposed to her and she was really amazed and happy, she accepted his proposal and when they got home they told their children and they were very happy about it. And that's how Renny found the love of her life.

Well, for the record, Andrew's wife died few years ago when she got into an accident while traveling to her hometown.

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