Jemima's agony


Mummy, Jemima yelled.

What is it my dear? Her mother asked.

Mummy I'm feeling restless, she said.

Sweetie why are you feeling restless, is it because dad still went on that trip? Her mother answered.

Yes mummy, I told you and Dad I had a terrible dream last night and it was all about dad.

My dear, your dad insisted on embarking on that trip and I didn't know how to convince him otherwise. But don't worry we prayed before he left, the mother responded.

Hmm, that's still okay, but mum, I feel we should still pray for dad together, she said.

Okay, if that's what's going to make you feel at ease, I'll do anything for my princess she said, so they prayed.

Jemima is the only child of her parents. They had being in search for a child for their 10 years of marriage before they had Jemima.

Jemima was a very lovely little girl, she brought happiness to the life of Mr and Mrs Robert. Mr Robert was a sailor, a very good one at that. He knew everything about his profession. He was a senior staff, a director.

He went on a trip for a contract which will last for two weeks, and he sees this contract as one that would change his family's life forever. Although his daughter Jemima was not really in support of his trip, he still insisted on embarking on the trip.

Mrs Robert was a private school teacher, she was so good at teaching and this made her school proprietor like her so much and gave her a promotion.


Jemima after she and her mother had that conversation, she then went to help her mother with the ouse chores.

It was already two weeks and Mrs Robert haven't been able to reach her husband. At first she was not really worried because the place he went on a trip to has no signal.

But two days after, she received a call from his work, it was her husband's best friend, his co-worker.


Hello, Mrs Robert.

Hello, sir Steven, how are you doing?

I'm doing fine, how about you ma?

I'm doing great too, please have you heard from you friend?

Yes, actually that is why I called.

Oh, really, what about him?
Please, I'll want you to comport yourself.

Why are you telling me to comport myself? she replied in a worried tone.

That's why I'm telling you to comport yourself, the thing is, your husband got into an accident, and in the process we lost him.

What!!, Please tell me this is not real.

Ma, please try to calm down, we were not sure of how it happened but it happened and couldn't get his remains.

Oh my!!, How am I going to tell my little girl this? She dropped her phone. She cried profusely.

Just then, Jemima came back from school, seeing the mood her mother was in she wasn't sure of what to say, so as usual, she went to give her mum a hug and kiss her.


Mummy, what's wrong?

Sweetie, how was school today? She replied.

School was fine mum, why are you back so early from school? You were suppose to close late today.

I was feeling sick, so I was given the permission come back home early.

Oh, I see. So how are you feeling now? She asked her mum.

I'm feeling better now that I've seen you.

So mummy, you were suppose to call dad today, remember?

Mum!, She yelled. Why are you so lost in thought mum?

Sorry dear, you asked about your dad right?

Yes, I did. Have you been able to get to him yet?

Yes sweetie, he's... he's...

He's what mum, she started crying, With her head bowed down.

Her mother was surprised at her reaction, dear why are you crying?
Dad is dead right? She sobered.

How did you know? Who told you about it? Her mum asked.

No one mum, I just felt it when I was in school, I couldn't concentrate well on anything, I was so moody through out my stay in school, at that point I felt like I lost someone so dear to me, she cried even more.

My dear, your dad's friend called to tell me about it and the worst part is your dad's body was totally gone.

No!!!, I knew something bad was going to happen but dad wouldn't listen to me. I wish dad had listen, she wail in agony.

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