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The sun was shining very bright as a sweating Chike was leaving the atm machine when a man approached him. He'd gone to withdraw the remaining cash he had in his account to make some electrical repairs in his apartment.

Although Chike wasn't anywhere near comfortable, he at least was able to feed himself daily. He didn't have a lot of cash but the electrical repairs were so important he didn't have a choice but to forgo some of his other plans.

Today he had come to the atm to make a withdrawal and was surprised to meet a lot of people there. Having waited patiently he made his withdrawal and was just heading home when the young man approached him.

Good afternoon sir the stranger said

Afternoon Sir, how may I help you replied a skeptical Chike. He didn't the fact that the man was approaching just after he made his withdrawal.

Sorry to disturb you sir, but my name is Kunle. I justed wanted to ask for you help, I've not eaten since morning and I'm really hungry. Anything you can help me with would be ok said Kunle.

Chike sighed, he had suspected the man was probably there to beg for assistance. He didn't have much on him and would've loved to head home without any disturbance.

But Chike wasn't one to turn a helpless person away, he understood the feeling of having to deal with hunger. Many times in the past he had been in the same situation and had to rely on the kindness of other strangers.

Did you say your name was Kunle? Chike asked

Yes sir, it's Kunle. I actually do not like to disturb people with my problems but I didn't have a choice since I've not eaten all day replied Kunle.

Don't worry brother, I can understand how situations can be difficult. Sincerely I do not have a lot of cash here, so you'll have to manage the little I can afford replied Choke as he dipped his hand into his trouser to remove his wallet.

Anything is fine really. I appreciate your kind gesture sir replied Kunle almost going on his knees to thank Chike, but Chike was able to stop him.

Splitting the cash he had in his wallet, Chike handed half over to Kunle and kept the remaining in his wallet. The money he was giving Kunle was more than enough to feed for three days, but Chike didn't mind.
Since I'm trying to be nice, why not actually do something that'll really help the young man Chike thought.

Kunle on the other hand was quite overjoyed, he had expected to be given just enough for a meal. But this kind stranger was giving him enough for almost four days if he spent wisely. He didn't realize there was tears in his face, until Chike told him to stop crying and just accept it as a good day.

Chike left the crying Kunle, partly because he was embarrassed at the attention some of the people around were giving them and partly because he wasn't really sure how he was feeling. A part of him knew how important he needed to make those repairs, but he also knew he couldn't leave a hungry man without helping.

Kunle was about to leave when he stepped on something, looking down he saw a wallet. He realized his helper must've dropped his wallet when he was putting it back into his trouser. Kunle picked up the wallet and went through it's content, there was cash in the wallet. He was torn between returning it to the owner or keeping the cash, then he thought the man was a kind man and didn't deserve to have lost his wallet because of Kunle. But a quick search around the vicinity and he couldn't find his helper, the man was long gone.

Chike on the other hand didn't realize he'd lost his wallet until he got home. He had planned on borrowing the other half of the money from a friend with the promise to pay later. But was surprised when he couldn't find his wallet.

He searched around his apartment and realized he must've lost it before getting home so he rushed down to where he last saw his wallet which was when he helped Kunle. But none were to be found, resigning to date Chike headed home.

Chike was relaxing in his apartment still thinking about the loss of his wallet when he head a knock on the door. He went to open and was surprised to find Kunle standing at his door.

Good evening sir Kunle sir

Good evening Mr Kunle replied a surprised Choke

Erm sir, you dropped you wallet earlier when you helped me. You had already left before I found it said Kunle as he brought out the wallet.

Buuu... I mean how did you find this place Chike replied

Actually sir, I had to go through the content of the wallet. And I found your card with your address on it.

You mean you saw the money in the wallet and still went to all the trouble to give it back

Well you see sir, truthfully it did cross my mind. But then I thought if everyone was greedy then we won't have anyone helping people who truely needed the help like o did earlier

Wow I'm truely impressed, and thanks for bringing me back my wallet. There are a few important things inside it which I couldn't have easily replaced said Chike as he collected the wallet and indeed confirmed that the contents were intact.

I actually needed the money for some electrical repairs in my apartment here

Interesting sir, I actually know one or two things about electrical repairs. can I check it

Yes sure, pardon my manners. Please come in

Kunle checked the needed repairs and saw they were minor issues and it was something he could handle without needing any spare parts. He agreed to do it only if Chike would forgo paying him for the work. They agreed Kunle would come back to fix it the next day.

Chike went to bed that night thinking it was indeed A SMALL WORLD

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