Who would like some?

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Who would like some?

Pupi was nervous and no wonder, she had just received a very important invitation.

She reached for her make-up set and looked at herself in the mirror. She thought she looked pretty, but she didn't like the way her hair looked. It was dry and a bit messy. She also thought about what she would wear, looked at her skirt and thought she would need a new blouse.

She was a little confused with the desire to attend the meeting and the difficulties she was having.

"If only I had a nice blouse," she thought aloud.

What she thought aloud was heard by Teddy who was waking up from a long sleep.

"And where do you want to go all dressed up?" He asked her as he yawned.

"To a tea time," Pupi answered in a very low voice.

"If I were invited to a tea-time I wouldn't worry about what I'd be wearing, but what I'd find there. Hmmm, there'd be biscuits, there'd be scones, there'd be nice honey! And there might even be smoked salmon sandwiches." Teddy replied, thinking less of his friend's feelings than of his tummy.

"I'm sure I'd like to come too, it's been so long since I've been to a party". Pupi's voice sounded like she was revisiting a nice memory.

"And for your information, Mr. Bear, you're invited too."

Teddy couldn't believe it! He started pacing back and forth, as frantically as his body would allow.

"Where's my ribbon? Where's my ribbon?"

"Now you and I have the same problem Mr. Bear" Pupi said with a smile that Teddy couldn't understand.

Please, Pupi, can I see the invitation?

Pupi takes a card out of her skirt pocket and shows it to him. It's a nice invitation.


The two friends stare at it in rapt attention. How Teddy loves to see his name written on it! Pupi holds the invitation up so delicately!

"Darling is invited too," says Teddy in amazement.

Pupi nods silently.

Does he know already," he continues.

I haven't wanted to tell him yet, Pupi replies.

Why not? Teddy doesn't understand.

"Darlin is a baby, even though he's already many years old," Pupi explains.

"If he hears about the party, he'll ask about it all the time. I'll tell him before we leave, so we can keep our heads down.

Teddy is still looking for his ribbon, Pupi thinks he has to sort things out before he can go to the party.

Meanwhile Darling, who is a happy baby, waits in the corner.

A clean and serene atmosphere fills the playroom. On the sweetly decorated walls, photographs of the past smile. They are all children, children who over the years became parents and then grandparents. There are the children of the past, the ones in the middle and the ones of today.
There is the one of the grandfather when he was three years old, next to the one of Francisco and his son at the same age. What a magic of nature that copies the family in time!

On the shelves lie the toys. Dolls made of porcelain, wood, cloth... brass trains, wooden tracks, colourful plastic... This playroom is full of various animals, animals of the sea, of the land, of the jungle, of the mountains. A complete zoo is piled up. Elegant giraffes, elephants, hissing snakes, friendly monkeys, foxes, horses, tigers and lions. From the top of a shelf an attentive orang-utan observes. Wild animals and domestic animals, in a very special place is a tiny porcelain dog.

Darling is waiting on the bed. He doesn't know he's invited to a party. All the same he smiles happily in his innocence.

The time has come. Already the screams are heard. Pupi who has lived in that house for so many years knows all its sounds. She looks at herself in the mirror, preening herself. She motions Teddy to sit up straight, tells Darling to get ready because in a few moments they'll be coming for them to go to a party.

That's when she walks in, looking like a princess! She comes hand in hand with her grandmother.

She stands in front of Pupi, lifts her up, hugs her. She smiles at Teddy, takes him by the hand, then reaches Darling, gives him a kiss and with her arms full asks her grandmother to help her put down the red box.

Grandma spoils her.

With their arms full of toys they arrive in the living room.

A pretty woman is sitting down. Pupi recognises her and the woman recognises her. The pretty lady runs, like a cheerful girl, to Pupi, carries her, checks her out, smiles at her and then parsimoniously turns and introduces her.

Darling, this is my Pupi. The man next to her smiles pleased.

After a moment of greetings and reminiscing, the girl says.

"It's tea time." The whole family, mummy, daddy, grandma and grandpa, help her set the table.

They lay out the trays, overflowing with imaginary food. First the biscuits, then the platters of savoury sandwiches (the smell of smoked salmon thrills Teddy). Then they put out the plates, the little cups, the spoons.

The child, as graceful as a princess, brings her guests to the table and seats them. The tea has already arrived in the teapot and she gently asks.

"Who would like some?"

They all say yes in some way. She fills a cup for each.

"Sugar or honey?" How Teddy is enjoying this party!

Pupi looks the happiest of all. She doesn't mind having a new blouse anymore. She picks up her cup, holds up her little finger, brings the cup to her mouth....

Then she hears the princess saying to her.

"Drink it slowly, the tea is very hot."



The photographs are my own.
The two montages were made with elements taken from the sources below.


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