Marriage Crisis

"Get away from me!" Michael pushed the lady to the ground.

"You are so full of yourself, you know that right?" The blonde lady said picking herself up from the ground.

"How could you cheat on me, despite all I've done for you."

"Oh C'mon, you can't classify that as cheating."

"Young lady, I'm trying my best to avoid laying my hands on you. If you know what is best for you, be out of this house before I return."

Michael stormed out of the house, got into his car and drove off. That was his fifth marriage coming to an end after 2 years.


"Man! what do ladies really want."

"Hahaha! This sounds funny coming from you. I mean you are the master of women affairs."

"It's not funny Ben! I thought I understood women. At first I thought it was love and faithfulness, then I discovered they love money more than those. Yet I gave that looser all the material things she ever needed, she still had the effontery to cheat on me."

"Don't you think it's time you ask yourself what you really want."

"What do you mean"

*"Well, you always go for the classic ladies trying to please them. Why don't you go for someone very much younger who will readily do your biddings."

*"Ben! I'm looking for marriage and not slavery."

"And you think marriage is not slavery? Listen women like a man who is in charge. A man who shows authority."

"You know all this, why are you not married yet?"*

"And be like you? Jumping in and out of marriage. I'll pass."

"You need to get a Life man!"

"Quit being all serious. Since you are unmarried at the moment, we are at this cool bar and there's booze and girls everywhere, you might as well have a good time."


Back home, with his wife gone everywhere was so quiet. Michael sat in bed unable to sleep. Was there some truth in his friend's words. Probably he should give up on marriage and live like Ben. But then he had three children from different mothers. He wouldn't want them to have a wayward father. He couldn't get the of any of his children. He reminisced on the good time he spent with his children. He decided to spend the next week with his children and after wards say goodbye to parenting and family life.


el Origen

Ned was his last son, he picked him up from school, and spent the rest of the day with him. Ned was the only of his children that liked him, the rest thought he was a jerk. Ned would always plead to go live with Michael, but that wasn't possible. The next day, he attended his daughter's music presentation at her school. After the show, he managed to say hi to her for few minutes. That was the longest he could ever spend with her before the mother comes and snatches her away.

"I've warned you to stay away from my daughter."

"You know she is my daughter as well."

That is the only conversation that existed between the two of them. His daughter was not really given a choice, she was raised to hate her father.


The next day, he visited Chris his first child. They were having a football match. Chris was all grown now, that age that never want to be parented.

"You don't even have to be here." Chris said watching his dad walk in the sidelines.

"Don't worry. I'll wait till the match is over." Michael replied.

He sat down, got himself some popcorn and cheered his son all the way. After the match, Chris ran up to him and said.

"Sorry, We have a meeting right now. It might take hours. I'll catch up with you later, maybe."

He ran off without giving Michael a chance to reply.

"Teenagers." A lady sitting next to him said.


"Your son, seems he is giving you the attitude."

"You know how they are these days."

"Your son is not so bad yet," the lady continued. "My son saw me sitting here and he didn't come over to say a word to me."

Both of them sat there and talked about their children and their families. It was almost like they knew each other from another world. They had similar point of view on several topics. As they killed time chatting away, a thought popped up in Michael's heart.

"Could she be the perfect one?"

That was the beginning of something new for Michael. In that moment, he terminated his plans to quit family life and try it out just one more time.

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