"Good morning Mr Evening Star.
What would you be having this morning?"

"I'll have anything you've got that won't make me purge like the last time."

"I'm Sorry for the inconvenience Sir!"

"Well you better be, else I'll have this place shut down. Tell John I said that."

el Origen

Mr evening star stormed out of the restaurant. He is the richest man in LAX City. And Probably the most arrogant man in the world. Everybody knows him, and some how he knew everybody. Most people say that his money came from a suspicious source. Some say that his wealth came from the devil himself. Nobody dared say this to his face, rumor has it that He Will have your heart for dinner if you got him angry.


He lived in a Luxurious glass house. A house worth millions. Despite the low security of the house, nobody dared to rob him. The last set of people that tried to rob him never came out in one piece. This is why He wasn't bothered when he noticed that there was someone in his house when he got home in the evening.

"Jades! Show yourself!"

"Greetings brother" Jades Said as he came out of the shadows.

"What brings you to this side of the world? You are only here when you want to deliver a bad news."

"Well well You Are In Luck today. I bring you good news. It's a bad news tho, but from it a good news is born."

"Can you cut the blabbing and get to the point."

"Dad is dying"

"You psycho, how is that A good news?"

"Look beyond the bad news. If he dies somebody needs to take his throne."

"We both Know who the rightful heir to the throne is."

"Brother you need to come home. Jonas Christi is no longer as powerful as he used to be. Most people wouldn't want him to ascend the throne."

"I guess we have to wait for father to actually die."

"Think about it brother. Wouldn't you want to rule the entire universe and get to control who lives and who dies."


Two days after Jades' visit, news got to Mr Evening Star of his father's death and he was summoned to come home. It has been 200 years since Mr Evening Star Visited Home. Everything about the Royal palace has changed since his last visit. In the palace stood all his siblings, hundreds of them, surrounded by 24 elders. One of the elders spoke;

"Evening Star! We summoned you here because it is A necessity for all the children of the most high to be present when choosing a new ruler."

"Why should A new ruler be chosen when I am the rightful heir?"

Jonas Christi raged.

"You have been given A free hand when your father was alive and you abused your powers! We can only imagine what would happen when you actually become the ruler."

"I will not stand here and watch you steal my birth right from me"

Jonas said with his eyes burning with anger.

"What do you intend to do? Go to war with everyone here?"

"Only those that wish to go against me."
He said as his supporters came over his side.The 24 elders laughed in unison.

"Even if your entire siblings support you, you don't stand a chance against an elder of the royal household."

"I am fully aware of that. This is why I have the book of creation with me. Here it says that If it comes to a battle for the throne, the elders must not interfere or choose sides."

"What makes you think I need the help of the elders to defeat you? All your life you have been daddy's boy and you have never battled before."

"Don't be too sure of your self brother" Jades Interrupted Evening Star. "You might need all the help you can get. Look around you brother."

Evening star looked around him and realized that the rest of his siblings went over to Jades side leaving him with Sarah, his youngest sister.

el Origen

Evening star simply smiled and said;

"Out of greed, the prince of death also wishes to battle for the throne. Imagine having such darkness on the throne. Have you all lost your mind."

"And what makes you perfect for the throne? A banished son who brought so much shame to the family."

Jonas said arrogantly.

"How dare you!!"

Evening star said with rage as his wings protruded from his back and he flew with anger towards Jonas. And the battle began. The royal palace was turned upside down with so many things destroyed in the course of the battle. The elders stood by and watched with folded arms. The battle continued for about an hour when an electrifying lightening struck accompanied with a loud thunder which shook the palace. They all looked up and saw their father sitting on his throne and he spoke in a loud voice.

"What a shame! I was gone a few hours and you all turned The royal palace into a battle field. That shows no sign of a good leader."

They all fell on their knee with their heads bowed in remorse.

"For this reason! None of my child will inherit my throne whenever i actually die"


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