The Mark Of A New Beginning.

I have always understood the fact that we all can't get along easily because of our different backgrounds but I never thought people could show a strong level of dislike for themselves for petty reasons.

Just like you will find in other schools, the school I went to was the type where students had cliques. There were the big girls/boys and the super big ones but being a lone wolf made me relate with everyone. I didn't fancy having a cliq and I was just neutral among everyone.

I get to hear things since I was open to everyone and most times, I just believe that we were just kids and acted like one.

Hannah was a girl in my class many students didn't get along with but I didn't see anything wrong with her personality. She had her priorities and didn't enjoy the cliq thing so she kept her distance from other students which made them think she was proud. I interacted with her a lot and easily understood her but others didn't.

It was the second year after school when someone brought up the idea of a reunion. My close friend in school told me and I applauded the idea since it would be fun to reconnect.

Our first meeting happened and Hannah wasn't present. "Didn't anyone tell Hannah about the meeting?" I asked halfway through the meeting and no one gave me a reasonable answer.

"She should be aware. Will she attend even if we told her?" They went on saying different things that made it clear that they didn't want her so for the next meeting, I called her along.

They were surprised to see her and Hannah was happy to reconnect with them after two years.

"How do we go about the merriment?" Hannah asked a question no one mentioned in the two meetings. We have only discussed the venue, music and games we will play.

"We will get to that," someone shunned her.

I wanted to intervene but it would ruin the progress of the meeting. In the end, we agreed that everyone should bring whatever food and drinks they had just to make things easy.

The day came and we all went looking gorgeous. Hannah came in looking gorgeous with two coolers and I heard someone clearly say, "It is just a reunion, not a ball."

"Can you guys just stop this?" I replied to the classmate who said so and her reaction was annoying.

I didn't feel good anymore because of the negative energy circulating among them. The event went on and it was fun, the music, dance and games were awesome.

"Why not let me this a buffet?" One of the students suggested since we have different kinds of foods.

It was funny but we took the idea and arranged both the big and small coolers on a table for everyone to take what they wanted. After several people had taken what they wanted, I was surprised to see Hannah's cooler untouched.

I had rice earlier but because the food was ignored, I went for it.

"Does it taste bad?" Hannah asked me while I was battling the fish head.

"No, this is great," I replied to her.

She smiled but I still felt the sadness her heart was harboring.

While everyone was feasting, I thought that if I didn't end the ill feeling they had towards Hannah, I might not have the opportunity to do so again.

I finished my food and stepped out. "Can I have your attention, everyone?" I said and immediately everyone turned to where I was standing.

I started by appreciating everyone for turning up and making the event a success before going to the main reason why I stood initially.

"How long do we have to keep harbouring ill feeling towards each other? I thought we were all grown up." I asked.

They all pretended not to understand what I was saying until I mentioned the name, Hannah. The discussion went on for over 30 minutes and I was happy that everyone poured out their minds.

"How Hannah once snubbed them, how she feels too big to interact and others."

Hannah stepped forward and apologized, "That's just me, I don't have any ill feelings towards any of you."

Everyone apologized and that reunion marked a new beginning of friendship among us. Hannah contacted me during her NYSC to inform me that she was serving in the same state with one of our classmates who once despised her and after that was a wedding invite.

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I didn't know how they connected so easily, they got married and are living happily today.

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