My cheerleader.

A female voice cleared her throat before making the announcement everyone has been waiting for.



"The newly drafted player for this year's NBA is Maverick Peters".

There was a great noise in the hall and for the very first time, the basketball fans were happy about the selection.

Maverick has been one of the promising players in college basketball, he hit the spotlight in his second season with the school and has led them to glory at different levels of competition.

The celebration was a different one for Maverick, he went on jumping from one end of the stage to the other. He couldn't contain his joy at that moment because it had always been his dream to play in the NBA.

His girlfriend, Nancy, his family, and teammates joined him on stage as he received the biggest award in his career so far.

"Hey, Maverick. We are hanging out tonight, just the boys", one of his teammates patted him on the back in the dressing room.

Maverick wasn't cool with the team decision because he doesn't celebrate without Nancy. They have been together since high school and she is clearly the person who inspired him to succeed.

His parent wanted him to study law so that he would take over their law firm when they are too old to work but Maverick choose basketball and Nancy supported him even when she had to go against her parent wish.

Nancy wished she could go with him but she didn't have a choice than to miss out this time.

"Go babe and have fun. We can celebrate our's tomorrow and forever", Nancy hugged him before stopping a cab.

"I will be back early and we can have fun toge...", the cab left before Maverick could complete his statement.

He quickly grabbed his phone and texted her, "love you". It took a while before Nancy replied.

Maverick left with the boys and they ended up at one of the biggest clubs in another part of the state. The trip was quite stressful but the excitement kept the team spirit high.

All attention was on Maverick and it was great fun for the team. They partied all night and crashed at a hotel that was booked by their sponsors.

He had too much to drink in the club and he was escorted to his room by a club girl. Maverick slept all night and going back home was the only thing on his mind in the morning.

He arrived at Nancy's place and apologized for not returning as promised.

She wasn't happy with him but she couldn't resist the box of chocolates Maverick was holding.

They both went inside her apartment and Nancy tried putting breakfast together for him.

"Toast bread?", she asked with a faint smile and Maverick nodded with excitement like a baby.

She went on preparing it and her phone started ringing. Nancy ignored it but it continued and she reached for it.

"Hello Vivian, I am kind of busy right now", she wanted to end the call immediately but Vivian sounded urgent so she paused to listen.

Nancy suddenly turned to Maverick and the expression on her face tells that something was wrong.

"Babe are you okay", Maverick asked.

Vivian ended the call and rushed through her phone. She burst into tears after staring at the phone for a few seconds and Maverick quickly went to her to see what made her cry.

He was shocked to see himself and a girl on a bed.

"How did this happen?", he stammered as he tried to prove his innocence but Nancy wasn't ready to listen.

She kicked him out immediately.

"This is why you didn't want me to go with you right? You know this isn't your first time? I don't want to see you again Maverick, you are disgusting", Nancy screamed as she shut her door.

She started crying and Maverick didn't get the chance to explain anything.

Maverick got to the root of the issue but it wouldn't change anything since Nancy thought he was just trying to cover up his sins.

Every effort to get an audience with Nancy failed, she felt cheated and didn't want to have anything to do with Maverick anymore. It was a tough decision but it was the best choice for her to make especially now that every girl will want him.

Months passed and Maverick tried moving on but it was tough. The time came for him to leave the neighborhood to join the senior league for training, he visited Nancy but she left town as well.

He left a message before traveling to the city.

Maverick settled in well and everyone loved him but he wasn't confident enough for the big stage.

His first few matches were terrible, he had zero impact on the team's victory. His coach started benching him which wasn't a good thing for a new player like him.

Maverick kept pushing hard but it always seemed like a piece of him was missing.

His parents advised him to let go of basketball to study law and it was like the whole world was against him.

Nancy looked like she moved on already but she wouldn't stop thinking about her life with Maverick.

The famous Maverick became cheap and the team already thought of letting him go to a smaller club.

Nancy felt bad about the things she was seeing online about him and she wished she could help.

"What went wrong with you Maverick?", she asked herself while watching the replay of his last match.

Nancy switched off the TV and went on talking to herself for a while.

"I hate you but I don't wish you lose the standard you have reached in life", Nancy was sobbing while thinking and she went to lie on the couch.

Months passed and the last day of the NBA season came. Maverick's side played against the number one on the league table and they could go on to win the league for the first time in a decade if could defeat the league leader.

The match went on and both sides kept a close margin. Maverick was on the bench wishing he could make a difference for the team.

At the beginning of the fourth quarter, his coach brought him in.

He was excited and as he was staring at the crowd during the substitution, he noticed Nancy.

She was wearing her usual cheerleader costume which made him recognize her immediately and she had a banner saying, "you can do it Maverick".

He waved at her and she replied with a faint smile.

Maverick for the first time in the season played a better game.

Everyone was surprised and he went on to score good points for his side.

The score was tied at 8 secs to the end of the match and Maverick was fouled. He got the opportunity for a free throw and his first shot missed.

He was disappointed and scared to take the second throw, Maverick looked at the crowd while his heart pounded faster.

He took the throw and it went straight into the net, the opponent tried scoring immediately but Maverick was quick the stop the attack and he dunked three points to put his side further ahead.

Everyone was impressed with Maverick performance and there was a huge celebration noise as the full-time whistle blew.

Maverick rushed to the fan's space to bring Nancy out. She resisted but followed him when she appeared on the big screen.

He took her to the field while his team was jubilating and Nancy felt very shy.

Maverick got a microphone and begged to crowd to please be quiet for a moment. His request was honored and he proceeded with his intentions.

Maverick first asked the crowd to beg Nancy on his behalf and he went on to tell what actually happened that day. Someone actually wanted to tarnish his image by spreading those pictures online, the bar girl took the pictures just for fun but someone hijacked them.

Nancy couldn't resist everyone screaming, " please forgive Maverick".

She held him and hugged him tightly as she murmured, "I missed you".

At the press conference later that day, Maverick was asked what changed because his performance during the match sealed his team's efforts throughout the season.

He said, "my biggest cheerleader is here and she is my biggest inspiration".

Maverick went on to be one of the best NBA players and he lived happily with Nancy after they got married.

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