A letter to my newborn cousin


As a little girl, I adore babies, their innocent beautiful smile, their baby smell and the tenderness of their skin. I so much crave a baby that I begged my mother to have another child but my pleas never changed anything.

Then my maternal grandmother's last born got married and I was ecstatic. I was happy for her truly but my happiness was more because of what my mother had told me. I learnt that since my aunt was getting married then there will be a new baby in the family. The thought of a new baby joining the family raised my spirit so high that even the endless errands I went on during the wedding period couldn't dampen my spirit. I prayed to God every day to bless my aunt with a baby very quickly. The news arrived about my aunt's pregnancy and it was good news for me. After the news, I started praying for her safe delivery. Then, I didn't know the deep meaning of safe delivery but my mother had explained that the prayers were for her and the baby to be safe. I kept on praying and nine months flew by.

I remember coming home so hungry from school that fateful day and meeting my aunt's husband at home. I had wondered why he came because they live in another town miles away from us. Then he told me the good news, my aunt had delivered a baby girl the night before and he came over to tell my mom. I was so happy that the feeling of hunger disappeared. I wanted to meet the baby right away, but my mother was never going to allow that. There was school to attend and also the fact that she felt my sister and I would be a burden to the new mother, so she never allowed it. My sister and I decided to write a letter to the baby, something to make her feel that we love her. I wrote a simple letter, I still have the words carved in my memory

hello baby

Welcome to the world. Am your big sister

I love you

We added some money from our savings and then sealed both in a handmade envelope. I remember my uncle laughing hysterically when I handed the envelope over to him. I wondered why he laughed, it didn't feel funny to me, I was showing love to my little sister. He collected the envelope and thanked us. However, I didn't get to meet my new cousin until she was three months old and I fell in love with her more when I laid eyes on her, she was so cute.

Being older now, I realise why my uncle had laughed. He must have thought it was silly that we wrote a letter to a baby that is yet to fully open her eyes not to even talk of her knowing how to read, even my sister and I always laughed whenever we remember the letters. It feels silly and unbelievable now that am older, especially since my aunt kept the letters until her daughter could read them. I can't imagine what she thought when she read it.

no matter what, this letter will always be a lovely memory

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