Her passion for adventures


Kitty was a great adventurer since her childhood, and it was her passion to seek dangerous and exciting experiences. Her drawer was filled with tickets and tokens which she was collecting for too long, related to the places she visited before. She was unmarried, so her parents were abiding all her expenses, as she was still a student, so couldn't find a job to being an independent person.

This time she also planned an adventure with her friends, they were going to execute Mount Elbrus, located in Russia. She was really excited as she couldn't plan any adventure from last two years due to the pandemic, so now the condition was much stable, so she planned this adventure with her friends. But when she talked to her parents about her plan, and asked them to provide the expenses, they were annoyed with her. Because her father's business was badly damaged due to the destruction caused by Covid_19, so they were short out of money. He tried hard to make her understand, but all was in vain.

"Kitty! My lovely princess...you are well aware about the condition of my farm, how could I gave you this much money, if I am hardly managing to provide you food every day.!"

"Come on Dad, I am not asking you to provide a pile of wealth, it's just a little money which you can provide easily."

Actually she was the only child of her parents, so they never let her know about the hard times they were passing through, and did their best to fulfil her necessities. She was not ready to understand his words, and was headstrong to her decision. At last, her father decided to took money on loan to fulfil her wish. This is what he said, while handling her money,

"Kitty..I did my best to make you understand, but I am disappointed at your behavior... You should at least try to understand my position.! Anyway, hold it, and go wherever you want..!" ( He said, while handling her the envelope).

Her happiness could be seen in her eyes, and she was overjoyed to receive the envelope. She hardly utter some words,

"OMG..OMG....you are real hero Dad...I was aware that, you wouldn't let my expectations ruined."

Her mood swings changed, and she run to inform her friends about the good news. They all booked the tickets, and started their shopping. Finally the day arrived, kitty and her friends set for their journey. Their journey from home to airport was good, and they reached the airport one hour before their flight.

Being an adventures spirit, it was difficult for kitty and her friends to stay on the same place for one hour, so they decided to roam around the airport. There was a park nearby, kitty and her friends went their to have some fun, but as soon as Kitty entered the park, she felt something unusual with her feet she stopped to see what happened, one of her shoes was ripped. This was shocking for kitty, and she was sad at the same time. She said,

"OMG... What the hell is this...how could it be torn so soon?... What I would do right now?"

"You should make sure about their validity, before setting off."

Anyway, they went to the nearby Market and buy shoes for her. But now a little time was left in their flight, so they decided to come back on the airport, instead of visiting the park, because all their time was ruined in the trauma of Kitty's shoes.

Now their boarding was started, and everything was going well. The eyes of Kitty were sparking with the happiness, because she was going to achieve her another dream of executing Mount Elbrus.

But as soon as Kitty and her friends were moving towards the airplane, her phone started to ring. Kitty picked up the phone as it was from her father, he informed her with his shaking voice,

"Kitty, O my beloved child...your mother..Ahhh..she is no more in this world."
(Actually her mother got a sudden heart attack and left this world forever).

Kitty couldn't believe what she heard, and she asked again, but her father utter the same words. Her eyes filled with tears, and she left for her home with broken heart.

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