Bernard was a poor farmer and a small businessman from a small village, his wife died about 14 years ago while giving birth to his daughter.

since then Bernard's only wish was to blossom her daughter properly and make her very beautiful, brave, intelligent and sincere.

When her daughter Lily turned 14, he thought that now there are many such things that girls like to do to their mothers. So he decided to remarry.

Barnard’s, house was very beautiful built on the banks of the river.

One day, father went to a village for a wedding party. Where He married a woman named Glory there. When he returned from there, Lily's stepmother, Glory, was with him.

As soon as they reached there, Glory gave a lot of love by dragging Lily into her lap.

Barnard was happy to see that Glory would take full care of his daughter.

Glory slammed Lily in her lap as soon as Barnard left the house.

Lily got up quietly and started doing household chores. She understood that Glory did not love her.

But still, she did not say anything to his father.

Days passed. Glory returned to her original form as soon as Barnard went out.

One day, a black snake appeared outside of the home. . And that snake suddenly disappeared.

Glory made Lily sit outside the home all day so that the snake would come out and bite her.

But Lily had good luck that day . The snake did not return, and so she survived.

Her father used to do business by travelling to distant places. Sometimes he had to stay out of the house for months.

In front of her father , Glory used to call Lily very lovingly.

' my sweet girl, come here.'

But when Barnard was not there, the stepmother called out to her in her hoarse voice, Where did you die, Lily?"

There was a tree with colourful leaves outside Lily's house. She used to sit there crying due to her mother's behaviour.

A handsome young man comes there too to meet Lily . He was their neighbour. Lily usually shares her pain with him.

He was in also in love with Lily, so one day he proposed marriage to Lily. Glory was listening to his words, from the side of that tree .

She hurriedly came forward and said, "With great anger .What are you doing here Lily, and why hovering like a fly?

Glory also said to that young man not to come again here . Lily is so young for marriage.

The poor young man returned from there with his broken heart .

Now Glory started worrying about Lily's marriage that it would be a lot of expenditure ,so she think in her mind why not she kill Lily.

Just as soon as this thought came, she made a plan to hurt Lily.
The next day, she put a poisonous worm in Lily's food. Lily ate the food, but nothing happened to her.

The anger of the stepmother reached the seventh heaven. She ordered Lily to work on the farm.

The poor girl started working quietly. Suddenly, Glory appeared there, and she hit Lily's hand with a wooden stick .

Lily's hand was crushed. She shuddered in pain. Glory laughed and said, "Don't be afraid of these injuries. This is the start of your destiny. Come and put the other hand before me. "

In this way, she also crushed Lily's other hand.

Then Glory gives Lily a hint that her father is standing behind her.

As soon as Lily bowed her head to see her father, The cruel mother also hit her head with wooden stick to injured her.

Being so afraid, Lily ran away from there.

An angel was passing by, and he saw Glory's ill-mannered ways and crulity with her daughter, so he decided to teach a lesson to Glory.

A few days later, a black pepper plant grew in the garden of Glory.

When a passer-by wanted to pick up the black pepper, a sound came from the plant-
Glory played cruelty, and Lily lost her life. "

When Glory heard this voice, she was stunned, and she immediately uprooted the plant and threw it away.

A few days later, she planted a pumpkin vine at the spot where the black pepper plant was thrown.

This plant also said the same thing:
"Glory played cruelty, and Lily lost her life."

Out of fear, Glory uprooted the vine in the middle of the night and threw it in the river.

This plant, which was actually that angel, went into the river and became a lotus flower.

Coincidentally, when Lily's father was returning from his business tour by boat,he saw the lotus flower, he thought to take it for Lily.

As soon as he touched the flower, there was a voice that came from it-
Glory played cruelty, and Lily lost. Barnard trembled.

As soon as he reached home, he asked the wife, "Where is Lily?"

Glory lied, 'She has gone to my mother's house.'

Barnard took the lotus flower in his hand and said,Please come out in your real form and tell us the complete cruelty of this cruel lady.

On hearing the sad voice of the father, the angel came out of the flower and told them all things in front of the glory.

Hearing all these words, Barnard pushed Glory away.

And he ran too fast to search for his lovely daughter Lily.


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