Hello everyone, it's my pleasure to be here in #theinkwell community, it's actually my first time joining the entry and I hope I'm welcomed.
Now back to my #nonfiction story.

My cousin was admitted into the university before me because I wasn't fortunate enough to gain admission for myself. The next year I took another entrance exam and luckily I was able to secure admission for myself. My parents made plans for me to live with my cousin in tjr same apartment since we both were at the same university and he agreed.

When it was time for me to travel, getting to the pack I called my cousin he was not picking up his phone,no and as stranded, I had to go to the school area to see if I will lucky see her walk pass but then it's didn't walk out, i keep on calling, I was hopeless, didn't want to tell my parents the situation as not to get the worry.

While I was standing I saw my old time friends in highschool ISRAEL I was so excited to see him and he was excited too, I quickly had to explain the situation I was passing through he offered to take me to their family house, getting there his mom gave me a warm welcome and I stayed with them although my year one till my parents rented a new apartment for me.

My friendship with Israel get stronger as the day goes by, we walk together to school and we will wait for each other after school to walk home, lot of people thought we were siblings because it's obviously we look alike, some of my friends thought he was my boyfriend, but ISRAEL was more than all the were imagine, we share things together go read together and play videogames which I never knew how to play, he taught me how to play the game.



He didn't know how to sing because his voice is not that good, but we sang together and danced. Our friendship know no boundaries, because we have grown from stage of being just friends to a team here in #hive, his #hive name is @miztajovial as we support each other here in #hive

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