The full moon effect

I have been drawn to fantasy movies and stories since i was a child, I remember when kids in school would seat in a round table to tell stories, when its was my turn , you could see their eye glued on me and their hand held tightly like i was about to release something in my story that would eat their faces , these expressions made me up my story game.



I had always had a very wide imagination whether its magical sword, flying houses, invisibility, imaginary powers.

I always create the stories so well like i lived it... well lets just say i was a good story teller.

Now growing up, one would think i would outgrow it but my love for it grew stronger.Give me a movie about vampires, werewolves, witches well let the movie just have some kind of power in it with an amazing thrill then i am completely glued

My Favorite of all time fantasy series are THE ORIGINALS, VAMPIRE DIARY , TEEN WOLF , TWILIGHT SAGA and LUCIFER.....

My sister always wondered why i never outgrew my cravings for fantasy world, as a child she assumed it was a phase cause she knew she outgrew her barbie and prince charming phase (i am not quite sure she did )

Well I think for me fantasy gives me an opening of the creative side of my brain especially as a writer, so much of doing and seeing same old routines, duties and work.

I know alot of adults are skeptical about the whole thing but o well their choice.


Because of my love for fantasies i was approached by my good friend who felt i had too much knowledge on the topic to share her experience about how her roommate who supposedly acts up every time it is a full moon and that it has been a consistent occurrence.


“The full moon madness”

-“Ok hold up “ i said

You mean everything i watch about things going awry during a full moon literally happens, at this point I was starting to doubt my understanding and love for the fantasy..

“how exactly does she act up” ? “How certain are you, are you sure its on a full moon”? “Are you exaggerating “- I asked

She said she told her the night she moved in during their brief introduction, she thought it was a joke but now she acts very funny when it is apparently a Full moon.

At this point i was speechless

All i could say was it is obviously just coincidental or there are factors we know nothing about that she did not take account of

I am sure if she acts out during a full moon she sure acts out every other time too

But really can a full moon affect your mood ??

Let me go back to my fantasy movie, and stories these real live fantasy problems are not for me😏😏...

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