Grandpa!! Grandpa!! tell us a story.

The little kids shouted.

Okay my little ones i will tell you all a true story that happened when i was just a little kid like all of you.

Grandpa Gideon said to the kids which made them happy because Grandpa Gideon was a good story teller.

Alright all of you should gather around, Micheal you are the oldest so you should sit at the back, James you should also sit at the back with Michael then Mirabelle and Annabelle my lovely twins would sit at the front.

But it's not fair Grandpa, they always get special treatments because they are girls.

Micheal and James complained

Hahaha it's not so my boys, you are both older than they are and you are big boys so you should also give them special treatments.

The boys both agreed and then settled down to hear the story.

Grandpa Gideon cleared his throat and started....

Long ago humans and aliens lived together in the same world, now this world was magical and enchanting.

The aliens came down from space a million years ago do as to live and breed amongst humans.

The first person to discover the spaceships which the aliens used in descending was a farmer, he was working in his farm one day when he noticed a beam coming down from the skies and then the spaceships followed.


He did not need a soothsayer to tell him that those were alien spaceships, he screamed AL.. AL.. ALIENS ARE HERE!!!!!!.

He acted quickly and called the government and before one could say jack an emergency assembling of world leaders was called.

Initially the humans thought that the aliens were trying to take over their world and instead of listening to the aliens who devised a means of communicating to the humans, they declared war on the aliens.

The aliens did not want war so they begged the humans to hear them out, eventually after much pleadings the humans finally agreed to listen to what they had to say.

When they made their first public appearance, people were shocked to see that they looked like humans too but the only difference was they way they spoke, they spoke like a radio set that is experiencing a break in it's frequency and another significant feature was their eye and hair colours whereas the humans had black eye colours and hairs, the aliens had yellow, green, blue, brown, gold and red hair and eye colours.


When the leaders of the humans and aliens met face to face, the aliens explained their mission which was to live and breed amongst them and to also bring technology, electricity and artificial intelligence to them.

The humans were elated to hear this so they immediately welcomed them to their world.

They lived together for many years, they married each other, gave birth to mix breeds, some babies had black hair colours with blue eye colours while some had red hairs with green eye colours and so on.

The aliens fulfilled thier promise of introducing technology, artificial intelligence and electricity to the humans.

They opened schools in which the process involved in the manufacturing of robots was taught.

In general everything was going well until the humans started getting greedy, they asked the aliens to teach them more stuff.

The aliens said that they did not know any more stuff so they could teach them.

This infuriated the humans who believed that the aliens where not respecting their agreement of teaching them all they know.

Unknown to the aliens, the humans had been building different war machines with the knowledge of technology which the aliens taught them.

They planned to attack the aliens and force them to teach them all they know.

When they asked the aliens one more time, the aliens still maintained their stance so the humans declared war on the aliens.

Fortunately the aliens had been preparing for that day, they had studied the human nature so they expected the attack.

They aliens scattered all around the world
had been gathering together so when the humans decalred war they entered their spaceships and fled to space.

So my dear children this is the end of the story, any questions?

Grandpa what happened to the mix breed children?

Did they follow the aliens or did they remain on earth?

Mirabelle and Anabelle asked inquisitively.

These are wonderful questions my dearest and i would answer you know....

The humans had no problem with the mix breed children since they could not offer anything so they were allowed to stay on earth, they scattered everywhere and continued reproducing with the real humans and amongst themselves.


The moral of this story is quite simple, humans are ungrateful and greedy, despite everything the aliens taught them they still planned on attacking them.

Thank you for the story grandpa

Micheal said happily and rushed to carry the twins who were just two years old, they were already feeling sleepy.

I hope you have more stories like this one grandpa

James asked excitedly

Yes i do my boy and i promise to tell you another one next time

The children went to bed happy, they had heard a wonderful story of an event that happened a long time ago and they would surely narrate it to their friends.


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