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Whinny||The Inkwell Writing Prompt

Brianna a blonde lady in her 70s sat on the dining chair and ate just a morsel from the meal. She had felt lonely since her grandson left for Italy, though she later found pleasure in cultivating flowers, gradually she lost interest in it. She put on a grim face as she chewed the grapes which no longer tasted sweet to her tongue, looking around the living room with luxurious materials that were too sophisticated for her.
'we never had all this in our youth' she said, staring at the remote and wondering which button to press. She walked down to her room and chose to speak to her son on phone.
'grandma, you've called me almost every moment today'
'That's because I have no one to talk to, I have been all alone' she replied.
'the television is there'
'I don't know how that stuff work, the last time I tried watching some movies, I saw some men running with a helmet on their head and knocking people down, it was like a fight, I can't stand such scene'

Brianna couldn't sleep, it was raining and the thunderstorms made her scared. She cuddled herself under her blanket, wishing it will all stop. Just as she was able to get some sleep, she heard a cat meowing, At first, she ignored it and tried to go back to sleep, but the meowing became persistent denying her a peaceful sleep.
'what must have brought a cat out of its shelter tonight' she thought. Reluctantly, she walked down to the door, concentrating a torchlight in the direction of the cry. As she gently walked down the subway, she screamed as she felt a touch on her skin, quickly she flashes the torchlight in that direction. Beside her leg was a cute helpless kitty wet by the rain,
'It must have missed its way' she said, caressing its soft fur.


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'By tomorrow, I will return the kitty to its owner', she said, 'but first let me give it some warmth'.
Brianna lighted a small fire and set the cat a distance enough to get the cat warm. She woke up the next morning and noticed the cat lying beside her, cuddled in-between her arms. The cat seems to be comfortable with this new home, she observed how happy it was jumping from one sofa to the other, sometimes it coils itself around her leg, and remains glue to her skin. Brianna enjoyed the few moments she stayed home with the cat, she no longer has to give herself to thinking or worrying about being alone at home.
'Maybe I just got a friend' she said.
Shunning the previous decision to return the cat to its owner, - owner she did not know.
'I believe an angel must have sent this cat my way she said' as she resolved to keep the cat.

Dele wondered for some moment why his grandma had not called, it was 6:00 pm, and still have not heard from his Grandma, so he decided to put a call across to her.
'hey, grandma, it seems today is a bit lively'
'An angel remembered me today
For a moment Dele wondered why his grandma made that state, "I don't have any friend" he remembered vividly his grandma once told him, who could that be, he wondered.
'which angel, what happened?' He asked though he felt happy to hear his grandma sounding good on phone.
'I got a new friend, a cat, she's so lovely
Dele laughed out loud. 'Grandma, when did you start loving cats? '
'today I guess, my old age is making me love tons of things and I feel it's a good turn'
'Alright, alright' Dele said. He wasn't ready to talk her out of keeping the cat as long as that's what makes her happy.

'So what's her name? '
'hmm!, Uhm!' she mumbled, she doesn't like cats before now, and had never thought it was necessary to give it a name.
'whinny, Why whinny? '
'uhm, hmm, it's a name right?'
'yeah, a name it is' he said smiling, 'it might just be a coincidence, I bought a dress with the word whinny written on it, the angel must have visited me as well'

Brianna soon grew fond of her little whinny, the home was no longer bored for her, she had little whinny all by her side. Each night, she knew she was longer alone, little whinny was there cuddled in-between her arms.

This is an article in response to the ink well writing prompt: Cats #750 words.

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