The spot:The Inkwell prompt #13

This was my chance to live the kind of life I have always wanted. I was a known assassin, not a killer for money, I was killing to have my freedom, I wanted to be like every other man walking down the street of England, fearless and having a right. I stood in the busy street dressed in a black jacket, and wore black glasses, awaiting the one man who promised me the freedom I have always wanted.
"I will grant you this freedom, but I have the last assignment for you," he said.
I was ready to do anything as I scrolled through the number of tasks he wanted me to do as long as it guaranteed my freedom.
"I shall be waiting for you at the spot".

I walked down the street in a disguised appearance, on the walls was my photo with the word "WANTED" boldly written above it. It was just a week for me to be free, but I needed to kill bob. I entered the building filled with armed soldiers, every corner of the building was captured, conscious of any intruder. I walked into Bob's room dressed in the same uniform as the guilds.
"I have heard about you," he said, sipping from the coffee on the table. "You're smart to have passed through my armies unnoticed".
"I was sent to kill you"
He laughed, then walked to the window side "I know who sent you" he said.


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"Kill me and you'll be dead in a few secon..ds"
Before he could mumble the words, He dropped dead. The alarm signaled danger and quickly the soldiers matched in shooting at me. I ran through the hallway shooting back. As I turned to go through the stairs, a bullet closely hit me. I changed the direction that led to the upper room. More soldiers were alerted, as troops haunted after me. The lower rooms were all dynamic with armed forces, shooting and running after me. I dropped from the window, drizzling the glasses, and fell Into a river. The boats filled with militaries followed, shooting randomly into the waters hoping a stray bullet will hit me.

I swim to the river shores and ran into the woods. I was being tracked, every of my step was noticed. Immediately I got to the spot, a loud gunshot was heard, sending me helplessly on the floor, my blood flowed on the sands. Everyone noticed my death, as Mr. Rufus covered me with white clothes and took me to the mortuary. A few days later, my burial was organized to the belief of everyone.

"You're now a free man. Everyone believes you're dead and buried" Mr. Rufus told me, " choose the life you want to live afterward".

I came out candidly on the street, my hair neatly cut, no longer as being WANTED but as a Freeman. I walked down to the spot where my old me was buried in an empty casket "Goodbye to the old me" I said.

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