The alien's valley/ The inkwell writing prompt

A few minutes after a heavy downpour, Eli and Jayna went to explore the rocks in a place called the alien's valley. They were geologists who just graduated from highschool. Having read documentaries about the valley, they decided to go see for themselves if all that was told was true, "Aliens leaving a mark signifying their return?" That's impossible, Eli said as they both laugh out loud. None of them believed aliens exist, not in this present age when humans have occupied the planet earth.

"See that's a crack" Jayna said pointing at a rock that had a big opening which seem like a portal

"What could this possibly be?" Eli asked. He moved closer to observe what must have caused the crack..

"Stop" a voice called from behind startling him.

"They are about to return," an old man said.

"What is returning?" Eli and Jayna asked concurrently.

"Aliens, I have been a guard for over 80 years in this valley, waiting for their return". Fear was written over his countenance, his hands trembling, his knee grew weak, he tried to maintain his posture by standing on the stick he was holding.

"They're coming! They're coming" he said repeatedly as he walked back to his hut.

Jayna looked at Eli, he wasn't sure whether to believe what the man had said. He had never believed aliens exist but the countenance of the old guard showed danger was coming, how soon it was coming was what he didn't know.

"Don't tell me you believe that old man?" Eli asked Jayna, who seemed to be dreadful of the information he just received.

"It sounds real, look at the crack, it looks like a portal," Jayna said.

"Come off it, this may be a trace of some natural eruption".

They continued exploring the valley not minding what the guard had said earlier. The valley was full of bones and fossils of creatures they couldn't recognize.


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The next day, the portal seemed to have grown larger than the previous day, with blue rays illuminating from it. The old man was seen packing his belongings and making calls. Shortly, it was announced that the valley was unsaved and everyone was asked to leave. Eli and Jayna was already out when he remembered he had forgotten his camera.

"Please I need to go get my camera"

"No, you can't go in, in a few minutes the portal would fully be opened".

"I wouldn't stay long, I will be out before it is fully opened"

"No, please go back".

Sneakily he found his way into the valley unnoticed by the security men. Jayna had taken his camera and was about to run out when he had a cry of a strange being. He looked back, standing a few metres from him was a strange being with blue skin, blue eyes, long fingers, and about 7 feet tall. The creature spoke in a language he couldn't comprehend.

He looked at the portal and noticed a chariot of the aliens making their way through.

"Aliens really exist" he mumbled, his knees grew weak, he struggled to gain strength to run.

"They're here" he said, running toward the gate.

"How many were there?" The old guard asked.

"More than a hundred, struggling to pass through the portal".

"If the portal can be closed before they make it, humans would be saved" the old guard said.

Quickly a troop of soldiers ran to the portal with a stone emitting gamma ray, the ray weakened them, thereby relaxing the walls of the crack making it close. The aliens that had made it out of the portal could not function as an independent body, they remained frail, lacking the potency to fight. Soon the portal was closed, while the other aliens died naturally leaving once again another crack signifying their return, it wasn't over yet.

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