Kumadra|| The Inkwell Writing Prompt #17

Kumandra was an ancient town that had magical dragons and the people of kumandra lived harmoniously alongside the dragons, then the drone came, a plague that destroyed everything it touched turning them into stones. The dragons tried their best to defend the land but they were consumed except for Susu; who gathered her last magic into a gem and blasted the drone. Everything the droned turned into stone was restored except the dragons. People realizing the power of the gem after susu went missing fought to possess it, Kumandra became divided and from it begot three towns, Kum, Man and Draya. So the gem was kept in a secret cave from the people of Man and Draya

Raya and her Dad walked through the thick woods showing her the beauty of Kum
'Everyone thinks we have abundant food because of the gem'
'Is that true?' Raya asked.
'No, the gem only prevent the drone from reappearing'
She walked past her dad showing him her new fighting skills.
'You're doing better each day he complimented.
He threw a punch at her and immediately she dodged it and responded by throwing a kick, he held her legs in the air while she twisted her body to free his grip. They do this each time they're in an open field. Immediately Raya drew out her training stick and positioned herself for a fight. He flipped his hands inviting her to come, she ran toward him and tried to hit him severally as he dodged, rolling and jumping to avoid being knocked down. Just before he could run toward her, the stick was at his neck.
'Now I think you've grown and your fighting skills have improved' he asked her to knee down then baptized her to become the gem keeper.

Two weeks later, Gad, Raya's dad invited her to his chamber.
'What do you know about Man and Draya?' he asked
Raya went on to narrate how wicked and powerful the cities are.
'I want us to be Kumandra again'
Raya opened wide her eyes, she wasn't sure her Dad has said that.
'I understand how you feel, but it would be good if we come together as one again'
'ok,' Raya said, hoping his idea to bring Kumandra back again would work.
Gad invited the two cities for a dialogue to reconnect them once again.
'you've called us here to trap us' one of the men standing among the crowd shouted and the other concurred with him.
'No, I want us to be one again'
'That's impossible, We can't trust you' another said from the crowd.


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'Who wants to eat' Raya asked,
the crowd became silent, after some minutes a little girl about her age raised her hand, one after the other warriors from the other clan accepted the meal. Raya became a friend with the little girl who gave her a necklace of Susu, In return, Raya led her to the cave where the magic gem is hidden. When the little girl saw the gem, she allowed Raya to walk past her then hit her down and ran to get the gem.
'You made a mistake by trusting me'
Raya held her leg and threw her down. Before Raya could get to the gem, the little girl drew her back and they started fighting. When she realized she couldn't get to the gem she threw a smoke that alerted the others at the banquet. When the other clans came, they joined the fight to steal the gem, they dragged it and it fell and broke into three pieces. Suddenly the drone came, but it was weakened by the gem despite in it broken state.

"Kum, Man, Draya" all had one each from the piece as everyone ran for safety. The drone turned everyone into stone who was not holding the gem or around the gem. When Gad realized he couldn't make it he gave Raya a piece of the gem he was holding and asked her to run. She stood there reluctant to leave him. when he realized she wasn't ready to, he pushed her into a river immediately before the drone approached him.

Years later, Raya met with Susu the last dragon, who promised to help save the world but needed to have all the pieces of the broken gem together. One of the pieces was with Raya, another was in the city of Man and the last was in Draya. She needed to make her way to get the gem together. Raya and Susu the dragon shared different personalities, Raya never trusted anyone again while Susu always talk about trust. Raya journeyed through the cities, fighting the tough men, and collected the first gem from Man. It was tougher to get that of Draya, Susu suggested going to meet them and tell them they needed it and should trust the people of Draya will oblique knowing she was alive.
'Your Dad was right to trust people' Susu said, trying to let Raya know her Dad did no wrong trusting people. 'when the drone came in 1901, my other siblings trusted me to pull out their magic gem and gave to me, I don't deserve it but they trusted me, it was with their collective magic that the gem was made'

The story made Raya had a grinning face, though she no longer trust anyone however, she was willing to give this last try. They traveled down to Draya and did as Susu requested. It went the opposite as assumed by Susu, the people fought them to get the other gem,sudden the drone came. People try to save themselves with the piece of gem that was dying out. Raya remembered the story Susu told her and knew they'll all die if the gem dies off without being joined with the piece. She handed over her piece to the people of Draya and gave herself to the drone that turned her into stone, the other piece also was given to the Draya people by Susu as she handed herself to the drone.

When the people of Draya noticed their trust, just before it died off, they fixed the broken pieces of the gem and hanged it on a stake, then allowed the drone consumed the land. Gradually the illumination from the gem died off. The town became a dry land of men turned into stones. the drone felt it has won, as it bursted into laughter, suddenly the gem began to glow, growing fatter until it shined stronger blasting the drone and restoring the humans that were made stone, this time even the dragons became restored. Once again, Kumandra was formed.

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