Donald's Inheritance: The inkwell writing prompt

Donald, a very rich man in the town of Uganda died of cancer at the age of 80. While he was alive, he lived an isolated life, neither his wife nor children knew any of his secrets except his lawyer Mr. Balogun. Mrs. Kate, Donald's wife and her children sat in the living room waiting for his lawyer to come read the will that was under his possession. Mrs. Kate had two sons, Segun and Taiwo, and a daughter whose name is Titilayo. Among her children, Taiwo was a problem to Mr Donald before his death, while the others had a good relationship with him even though he preferred to be alone most times.

The gate swung open, Mrs Kate peeped from one of the opened paned windows and saw a strange woman dragging her luggages toward the apartment.

"Who are you?" She asked, when she had opened the door for her.

"I'm Gladys, your husband's first love, his lawyer had called me to come and wait for him here" the woman at the door responded.

Reluctantly she gave way allowing her in. Moments later, another woman joined them with her children, her name was Sharon. They all sat on the sofa looking at each other without saying a word , thoughts started to flood Mrs Kate's mind. She knew nothing about her husband when he was alive, he was always busy with one project or another and today all his secrets are beginning to surface. She was still lost in thought when a knock at the door startled her.

"Segun, go check who's at the door".

He opened the door and welcomed Mr Balogun, the lawyer in.


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"Mrs Kate, I know you'll be wondering who these women are" the lawyer started, " They all came in contact with your husband while he was alive, this woman" he said pointing the direction where Sharon sat "she was your husband's cook when he was married to Gladys, he enjoyed her service with him and he decided to add her to the list in his will".

"For the woman sitting next to you" pointing at Gladys, "She was his first wife, they got divorced after some years of marriage and had no children, he had included her in the list because she was there for him while he was building his wealth. For some reason he felt he is indebted to her and this was the only way to show his gratitude" the lawyer said, then proceeded to read the will out.

Mrs Kate's expectations started to lower and the feeling of guilt flooded through her. Even though her husband was isolated, she never cared about him, she never contributed or supported him in any way. She would have done better.

"The Estate at Ogbodo and Gadon would be managed by segun while Titilayo would take charge of my refinery. The company at California is handed over to Gladys and Sharon would be in charge of Mr Donald's complex in Nigeria".

The lawyer kept calling names and the inheritance that was appointed to them, Mrs Kate waited patiently to hear what her husband had kept for her, she was lost in thought when she heard her name.

"To my beloved wife Kate, I know I haven't been there for you and I'm sorry for the pain you must have endured in secret. Today, you would know of some secret I never told you, but I hope that you'll forgive me. All the possessions mentioned are 60% of all I have, the other 40% are all yours. Taiwo's possession would be given to him after my lawyer notices a change in his behavior".

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