Andy's conversion ||The Inkwell Writing Prompt #18

Andy laid calmly awaiting therapy. He was a young man in his early 20s, his feet that protruded the ward bed tell he was tall, he had long hair and a dark lip, one could easily guess he had been a smoker.
"Doctor, what's wrong with me," he asked in a low tone.
Though he had been on admission for three days, no One had made known to him his diagnosis.
"Lung cancer" the Doctor replied. Dr. Sam was a man of few words
"What!"? Andy coughed discreetly in a hoarse voice.
Memories of his past started to flash at him, he has been warned against smoking, even with the inscription on the smoker pack "smokers are liable to die young" seems to send no meaning to him. Immediately his appearance was fairly grim.
"I'm afraid," he said.
"You'll be fine"


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Andy took out his locket with a picture of his loved ones. He knew he hasn't been scrupulous with his life, he sobbed silently grasping the bedsheet he was laying on. His mum gripped his hands fondling his fingers while she caresses his hair.
"You'll soon be fine," she said but had a sad countenance.
" I'm sorry," Andy said.
His mum couldn't believe her ears, her son had never apologized to her before not even when he was guilty, tears dropped from her eyes, it's sad her son was becoming a better man on his sickbed.
She continued rubbing his long hair without saying a word.

"Mum" Andy mumbled
She looked at him with teary eyes, this time trying to hide her feelings.
"Yes, please don't say anything"
"No, I want to tell you something"
His mum listened carefully.
"I was ready to change, I wanted to, but seems it is too late" he paused amidst the persistent coughing, "If there was another chance for me, I would become the son you've always wanted me to be".
His mum sat silently without saying a word, when she couldn't hold the tears any longer, she left the room. Her sobbing echo through to the room as Andy burst into tears.

Shortly the doctor entered.
"Andy, how're you"
"I'm good today" he replied
" Good News"
Andy couldn't imagine what the Good News was, he just lied blankly staring at the doctor hoping heaven has heard his cry.
" You don't have lung cancer"
Andy couldn't believe his ears, though it was good news he still knew something was wrong with him.
"The nurses took someone's folder for yours, you had similar names"
Andy grinned amiably, "so what's wrong with me?" He asked
"Diabetes, in its early stage, it can be treated"
His mum put on a smile for the first time since her son was admitted.

Two days later Andy was discharged.
" Andy, remember what you told me on your sickbed"
He smiled, " Mum, I have given up smoking". He said.

Andy later became an advocator who educated people on the danger of cigarettes and his experience in the hospital.

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