My name is Shirley and I'm having a terrible day. The day started with a loud scream from my mum.

"Get up you lazy child!! We have to get ready for church."

I checked the time, it was 4:30 am. I swear I planned to get up, but some how i dozed off.



I thought I was dreaming, maybe I was. But I know I felt chilled water splash on my legs. I jerked up immediately.

"Let me not come back here and see you still in bed."

My mom yelled as she left my room.

I got up washed my face and got ready for church.

Something was missing in my home. I got to the church hoping that I could find it there. I didn't, rather I found guys who are there to get a girl friend. Girls who are there to show off their latest clothes and hairstyle. Men who are there because their wives drag them out of bed. Preachers who are asking for second collections from the poor congregation. I wasn't committed with whatever happened there. Honestly I just wanted to go home and continue my sleep.

In no time the morning service was over and I was back home.

"Shirley get breakfast ready for your dad"

"Shirley I need my shirt ironed I can't wear it rumpled to work!"

"Shirley you are yet to complete my home work. My teacher is going to flog me in school"


Being the first and only daughter could be stressful. There was a lot of responsibility on my shoulders.

"My wife where's my breakfast? Shirley you didn't iron this shirt properly!"

"Your food is on the dining, but just know you are not Leaving this house without dropping money for shopping"

"I told you I have no money"

"You have no money, yet you always drink at bars late into the night and come back here in a mess"

The arguments between my parents became A daily routine. I couldn't wait to leave for school. Just maybe in school I'll find what I long for.

On getting to school I headed straight to my history teacher's office.

"Good morning sir"

"Yes. How may I help you?"

"Sir I got an F on my history project, but I am absolutely sure that my research was accurate and my work should have earned me at least a B"

"Are you the one to tell me how to do my job? I have told you several times what to do if you want to stop seeing F on your projects and exams."

I left his office sobbing, I can never meet him at a hotel as he keeps persuading me to. As I walked back to class, I was so deep in thoughts that I didn't notice that someone has been calling and chasing after me.

"Shirley! Are you alright?"

"Hey jack I'm sorry. I didn't hear you calling."

"You seem sad, what's wrong?"

"I wouldn't want to bore you with my problems."

"Nonsense. I have to be in class now, let's meet after school and talk about it, yeah?"

"I'd love that"

Could this be it? Have I finally found it??

My bubbles were burst during lunch break. As I sat alone eating as usual, I heard footsteps of what seemed like a gang of girls walk up to me. One of them bent over my food and spit into it.

"That's what you get for trying To snatch my boyfriend"

"Sandra what is this about?!"

"So now you are gonna act like you don't know that jack is my guy. STAY AWAY FROM HIM!"

She Said As They Stormed Out.

I left school feeling worse than how I felt in the morning. I decided to go to the club before heading back to my annoying home.

At the club house, I tried to get as drunk as I could, trying to drown my worries with alcohol. What I longed for wasn't in the club. All I saw here were girls half naked dancing out their hearts. Men who were looking for someone to fornicate with. One of them walked up to me.

"Hey! What is A pretty girl like you doing all alone?"

"It's no big deal, I've been alone all my life"

"What do you say we change that tonight, my house is not far from here."

"I have to get home or I'll be skinned alive."

"Let me give you A ride home then"

"No thank you. I can make it home"


I said laughing as I stood up trying my best to walk steadily and headed for the exit.

I got home, didn't say a word or do a thing, I went straight to bed. In no time i was in another world.

"Where have you been, we have been searching for you all along. Come Swim with us"

A couple of girls dragged me to a beautiful beach and we took a dive laughing and having so much fun.

"Hey girls, why don't you come out of the water and come eat with us"

An elderly woman said.

We were at A table out in the open. The table was endowed with lots of food I've never seen before. The table was surrounded by people of different age. They all made different sorts of jokes. I laughed so hard. After the meal, we sat together in the beach where the oldest amongst them told us tales. After the stories we went back to the water and had more fun.


In this place there was so much joy and laughter. I had no idea where I was, but I never want to leave this place again. Because here I found what I have been longing for all day. Here I found LOVE❤

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