Save Me From Santa

"Now Make A wish you little jerk."

"I don't want to make a wish."

"Make a damn wish or I'll have your head."

"Stay away from me! You can't force me to make a wish."

"Now you will spend Christmas in hell."

Santa said as he brought out an axe to chop My head. I screamed as loud as I could.

"Snap off it! Why On Earth Are You shouting?"

Muna said as she woke me up.

"It's no big deal, I just had a crazy dream about Santa."

"Christmas is around the corner, that's probably why you are having Santa dreams."

The next morning, my fiancee Muna and I went to have breakfast with my best friend Joseph and his wife Steph.

"Hey look what I got here." Joseph said as we were done eating.

"I purchased this wish powder from a fortune teller. It says make a Christmas wish, blow the powder and your wish shall get to Santa."

"Jo, you know I don't believe in all these Santa stuff."

"That's why I bought it specially for you. There's no harm in trying it."

"Fine, give me the damn powder.
l wish for an extraordinary Christmas."

"You already know we will be having an extraordinary Christmas, the four of us in Paris."
Stephanie added.

On Christmas Eve, we prepared for our trip to Paris. The plan was to meet at the seaport and board a ship to Paris. Joseph and his wife got to the Port before us and waited for us onboard the ship. I was walking with Muna to towards the ship when I bumbed into an old man, scattering his goods on the floor.

"Look Where you are going!"

The old man said angrily.

"I'm sorry sir!"

I said as I stooped low to help him gather his goods.

"Go on, I'll meet you on the ship." I said to Muna.

I helped the man until every single one of his property was gathered and put in order.

"Thank You. May your good heart see you through the adventure that awaits you."

I bade him farewell in a hurry, without really digesting what he just said. It felt like the ship was specifically waiting for me, because immediately I got on board, the ship sailed. I walked through the deck looking for My fiancee, Joseph and his wife. I searched, the lower and upper deck yet they were no where to be found. I was confused and worried at the same time. I had to ask someone.

"Excuse me, Please Where is this ship headed?"

"We sail for Asia." He said joyfully.

Damn! I was on The wrong ship and there was no stop till the ship got to Asia. This was so bad, because it simply meant that I wouldn't be spending Christmas with my loved ones as planned. I curled up at a corner in anger.


Few hours on sea, there was a great storm. The storm was so bad that it tore the ship apart. Up ahead was a whirlwind which was sapping people to itself. I held the poles as tight as I could. Unfortunately the force of the wind was too strong that it dragged me into the whirlwind. The wind spinned me in circles, I got dizzy and eventually passed out.

I opened my eyes to notice that I was in a strange deserted place. Nobody could be seen miles away1 and every house looked old and abandoned. Old Christmas decorations could be seen hanging around in some corners of the streets.

"I need to figure out a way out of here."

I said to myself as I entered one of the houses.

Anybody here?"

I felt somebody pass behind me. I turned back but there was nobody there. I searched each room in the building hoping to see someone. I did this in about a dozen houses, Then I stepped into a cozy house and saw Santa clause walking slowly. I was so happy to finally see somebody.

"Merry Christmas Santa! Please I need your help to get away from this mysterious place."


There was something off about this Santa. He wasn't smiling, he had blood in his eyes and in his hands were something that seemed like a weapon. As I came closer to the Santa, he grabbed me by my neck and pinned me to the wall.

"How dare you come in here talking about Christmas."

I noticed him try to raise his weapon, I struggled, kicked and managed to escape from his grip. I ran out of the building and and kept on running without direction. But no matter how fast I ran, whenever I turned back, The Santa was only a stone throw away from me. Even If I entered a house bolting the entrance, somehow he will still appear right in front of me.

As I kept running, I came across a very big Christmas tree, in what seemed like a city square. Below the tree it was written boldly.


"I think I've made enough wishes, but honestly I need someone to save me from Santa and somehow make me celebrate Christmas with my friends."

As I turned back, Santa swerved his axe towards me, I Dodged it and his axe went straight for the giant Christmas tree bringing it down. I kept on running, until I got to a dead end. It was the edge of a cliff and looking down was a very fast flowing water.

"This is it! I'll never get to celebrate Christmas this year."

Just then I heard someone laughing.



It was another Santa in a sleigh ride.

***I can see that you have met my twin brother."

"That Guy is crazy. Please can we get out of here."

"Well you are lucky I heard your wish. Hop in let's go meet your friends."

We rode pass the moon and it was really cool looking at the world from that view. Then I asked.

"Why is your twin brother loco?"

"He has always been the favorite son of my father. He was absolutely sure that he would inherit the family business when Dad died, but rather dad passed it down to me. This got him mad, one Christmas he killed everyone and ever since then he hunted anybody who mentions the word Christmas to his hearing."

It wasn't long now, we arrived at Paris where I saw my friends looking worried searching for me. I was so happy that I would get to celebrate Christmas with friends. I guess my wish to have an extraordinary Christmas HOLIDAY came to pass.

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